Treks In Wellies

When we were younger, our group of friends used to go on "treks". These treks involved us pulling on our wellies and jumping into a ditch full of sticky mud. There's an old wooden board that spans the ditch where we'd set off from, and our boots would already be a fair bit muddy from the path leading up to it. We'd jump straight into the ditch from the makeshift bridge with a splash and a squelch one by one, some of us getting stuck in straight away (I often fell victim to this being the biggest of our group, but I wasn't for complaining ;) ) From there we would just troop around the ditch, get out to jump back in, find the best places to get our wellies stuck and dare eachother to do so. Safe to say no matter what colour our boots were before going in that they came out brown! I got a pair of hunter wellies last year for the snow, and the memories came flooding back, now all I need is someone to go a trek with so I can baptise them properly.
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Fab story :)

That's a awesome story. I would love to GI mudding with you. :-)