Playing In The Mud On The Park.

I've had a really nice time on the park today. The park is fairly local, and last weekend there was a really big cyclocross event there. This has caused the ground to be very churned up and in places the park is just a sea of mud! I saw some pictures of the event in the local newspaper and this is what made me decide to visit for a play! When I arrived at the park I was ecstatic to discover that it was very quiet, just the odd distant dogwalker in evidence. I was even more ecstatic to see the true extent of the mud! It was wonderfully thick and wet, a very obvious track winding around the park where hundreds of off road cyclists had stirred it all up. Some rain in the week had made it lovely! I decided to try and walk around the circuit. As I started out, I immediately revelled in the squelchy feeling! It varied from maybe one to four inches in depth. I was wearing normal clothes, I hadn't dressed up in any way, just preferring smartish tight black jeans with ballet-type pumps (also black) and socks. The deeper patches of mud came over the sides of my pumps and coated my socks. It felt amazing, it's been a while since I've done any "mudding!" After a few hundred metres of squelching along, I came to a hilly section, and the mud got slightly deeper. It was now covering the bottoms of my jeans, and, in a moment of extreme pleasure, my pumps stuck in the mud and I stepped into the lovely ooze in my socks! It was wonderfully exciting to feel the cold wet gunge soaking into the thin fabric. My socks were a favourite pair of black ankle socks with vibrant turquoise toes and heels. I really enjoyed the contrast of the shiny brown mud against the brightly coloured toes of the socks! I pushed a stick into the mud next to my pumps so that I'd know where they were, and continued with only socks on my feet. I reached the top of a steep hill after some slipping and sliding around. When I tried to walk down the other side, I slipped over! I ended up on my bum, sliding down a muddy slope! I landed in some deeper, wet mud at the bottom with a splat. I was enjoying myself immensely, but had got far muddier than I'd planned to! I had no more clothes with me. I squelched back to my shoes, pulled them out of the mud, and put my filthy socked feet into them. I then made the short trip home, looking a right state! I got some odd looks from the few people I saw, but I actually find being caked in slop in public a bit of a turn on! Weird but true!
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wish I could fin a girl to get muddy with! :) wha part of the world are you in?

The UK.

You would have got an "odd" look from me admiring one! Too much good mud gets wasted...although it's always a worry if there are dogs about!

sounds lots of fun hun :D x

Well that is some thing that I have not donr in a long time (kid age) after reading how much enjoy ment you had in doing some thing off the wall,kinda gave me am idea about doing it the next chance ..

Sounds brilliant. I'd like to have a roll in the mud on this park! Fully clothed, including socks, of course! Keep up the good work!

It sounds like something that would be fun to do,I wish I could have join you.cleanig off would be fun too.

Very brave to get so muddy without any clean clothes to put on! Sounded like fun, I'd love to try it!

You should wear long thick white slouch socks next time with a pair of white canvas keds and scrunch them over your jeans that would be hot.

No, I don't like the sound of that. I really enjoy thin socks, and never wear white ones. What are "keds?"