Its a hot day, I have a plan. My story is that I wanted to pickup litter at the lake, my goal is to get muddy not just my legs and feet but to be covered head to toe. I want to slide in the mud.

I've been preparing for this day. I've got a trash bag, another bag for a rag, water, cell, and keys. I venture out and notice maybe a dozen people out here and there. I go to grab a bottle up on the rocks and someone in the water notices me and says "thanks!" I'm a bit nervous and only manage a "hi". But I'm encouraged I am fine, just keep going. I keep collecting cans and bottles as I walk near the water. I'm wearing slippers and will soon realize that was a poor choice. In the muddy spots, mud is slinging up the backside of my leg. I notice some family fishing ahead but I see items so I brave ahead, trying my best to avoid eye contact. I continue and collect some of these glass bottles are broken so I need to be careful. As I go for more the mud is making my feet in my slippers quite slippery. But I still see so much further up the mouth of the stream, I leave the slippers behind and go barefoot, its nice to have squishy feet in the mud. But quickly I find something else, under the mud are round river rocks and the sensation hurts when putting weight on it. I leave my bag behind and figure I'll go collect more barefoot. Sometimes I'm trying to find dry land but that feeling can hurt too, they can poke and sometimes the mud is crunchy. Some of the mud is more of a brownish color than black and some of the mud is warm and some cold. Some of the mud feels slimy, but I don't really wanna go in this area here. At this point my shorts has some mud splashed on and I've also wiped my hands on them. I collect what I've got and take my stuff, the bag is getting quite heavy as the items are sometimes filled with water or dirt. My muddy slippers are hard to walk in and I find it better when dust them with the sandy dirt.
So on the way back on the flats but further in is water trapped away from the stream and lake. I go for further inspection. One of the first things I notice is that the fishing family is a couple hundred feet away is disappearing as I go further down. Awesome this will be a great place and they can't see me. At the end of the water on one side is some yellowish foam,I'll avoid that, I trudge around and am enjoying getting my legs into the mire. I stomp and stomp, trying to kick the mud from my feet back onto me. I sit down take handfuls of the grayish blackish mud and spread it on me, my shorts the front of my shirt. I'm getting awful aroused right now and start shoving these handfuls of mud into my boxer briefs I normally prefer boxers but I wanted to hide my erection. Anyways I shove this gooey mud into my shorts and onto my throbbing member. I spread it on my *** for full effect. I grab myself through my shorts and jerk myself and came. At this point I realize how dirty I am but yet not enough. I get up get a running start and then slide on my belly. I enjoy the sound of the mud slopping around as I duck so that the people can't see me. I roll back and forth trying to get it all. I take handfuls again and dump it on my head and smear my face with mud. I lay back and I can hear the people in the distance but just later there for a bit in the sun to take in my proud muddy accomplishment, my most public mudding.
I get into the shallow water try to rinse myself and get the clumps off my clothes and skin. I find mud everywhere of course and take time to bathe and then walk out in my mud stained clothes. The truck is pretty far but it seems all are gone except the fishing family still in their same place and I assume that they don't notice me. I grab more litter as a walk out of there. Get to the truck and notice no one in the parking lot so I ***** and rinse my body with water from a bucket, I dry off and get clothes on and consider myself quite lucky.
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That would sound like fun to do

Sounds like a great time.