My Smelly Mud Wallow

I was going for a walk one day with my girlfriend when I noticed that there was a massive mud pit at the gateway of a farmer's cow field about 5 minutes from the house. I made a mental note that i had to wallow in this before it dried up!! Not wanting to give away my messy fetish, I went out for a "walk" alone the next evening. To my delight, there was nobody around so I ran straight to the mudpit and "accidentally" fell in and rolled around. I was covered from head to toe in slimy mud. I then had to make the "walk of shame" home. I passed a couple of people and I gave them a "I fell" shrug and just walked past them. Then I noticed the smell. Obviously there had been tons of cow poo in the mud, and i smelled pretty fresh!!!! Was sooooo embarrassed!!! I thought that the cow poo would feel disgusting, but somehow it added to the experience. It filled most of my senses - it felt good, it looked great and I smelled like a pile of manure - but it was all good!

CaptainCustard CaptainCustard
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9 Responses Aug 10, 2009

I would enjoy doing that, in a black garbage bag diaper :)

oooo sounds brilliant i love playing in muddy field gateways :D x

That sounds awesome! I absolutely LOVE wallowing in thick sloppy mud, and getting completely filthy like a pig! I love how it feels to roll around in gooey slop! I wish there was some good mud nearby... it's been too long since I enjoyed a good mud wallow.

That sounnds fun, Ilike stinky mud and manure, too, : )

I wish we could all get together one day somewhere and have lots and lots of FUN. Where is this place Leon Moomin makes his video's?. Thangami Safari Spa in South africa has mineral mud pit 2km deep and has showers to wash mud off. My favourite holiday destination. Check on google the website.. In the mud with jeans still the most fun I ever had. !!!. You can stay there the whole day and don't have to be embarrassed about anything,just have FUN.. The picture with me covered in mud fully clothed was taken there and with the low value of the Rand must be a cheap holiday to be enjoyed. Hopefully I'll be there 5th of April.

yay im glad so many people love to get all mucky like me :D x

mudddy hehe seems that you like to get as muddy as much as me hehe im onine if you fancy chatting xx

mud with cow poop is soo much fun to play with :D yum!

I have spent too much time embarrassed that mud gets me hot. What i would give to have a partner to wallow with.

Dude, don't be embarrassed. <br />
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I like to wallow in the mud too!! However, I'd much prefer wallow in a piles of stinky manure! I'd cover myself from head to toe, rubbing it in all the knucks and crannies. I can't explain it, I love the feeling and the aroma of manure is a complete turn on for me but I don't know why. <br />
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Recently I discovered the missus like to get messy... Why not introduce your girl to mud? Then go from there? Who knows? You might end up having tons of fun!!