Love The Messy Mud

I love playing in the mud, but i don't get to do it all that much. I do not know where to find the mud and i don't like doing it in public.

 But one day when i was a small boy i was out wondering through the bush in front of my house and i came across a very muddy ground, it was like clay. The next morning i couldn't help myself and went and rolled in the mud. It was a good feeling although my parents weren't happy when i got home.    

There used to be some good mud behind the shed, but the banana trees have grown over it.

I also love swimming fully clothed. I would love to meet people with the similar interests.   

H20Hutch H20Hutch
41-45, M
2 Responses Feb 16, 2010

It can be a tough thing to do publicly, but since my wife knows about my love of being wet with clothes on or muddy, we go for walks and having her along adds a little legitimacy to my behavior. I go for walks on rainy days (wear a hooded light poncho) and cut through some construction sites. There is always mud there. Either way, I agree with Mudmad, enjoy life while you can.

From Mudmad-I get muddy when washing the car on the lawn.Prefer keeping my stretch jeans on for the knees when washing the wheels and lying on my side when washing the underside to remove mud etc that can cause rust.Do gardening,but wet the soil thourough before removing weeds so that you do not break the roots,otherwise the weeds will just grow again and in the process get very muddy ,even sit on your butt in the mud to remove weeds.My knees and back get very sore and have to sit down.Always wear jeans to protect you against sharp ob<x>jects.Enjoy life-do what you do enjoy most.You only live once.