Mud Is Fun.

I grew up in a small, rural town, so I'm not horrified by getting muddy like a lot of my city-girl friends. Getting dirty once in a while is a part of life, whether it's playing football in the rain, riding my quad back home, falling on a muddy trail while hiking in a nature reserve, or just happening across a mud puddle while out with friends. I feel like I'm an idiot if I'm the only one doing it, so I rarely get muddy alone, but if it's an accident or if other people are doing it with me for fun, I'm not gonna run away on my tippytoes screaming "ew ew ew!!!"

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Outstanding!! There are many mud lovers like me out there and great to hear your story!! Too many girls are that "ohh, not me!" type and dont have any fun mudding!! I have a female friend that loves mud and we have a fun place near the ocean here in Connecticut to fully mudlark!!! Going to enjoy a hot summer night this weekeng in the ooze!!!<br />
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Mudman 101

Have you ever gotten muddy in dress clothes and heels?

heels, yes. Quite a few times, actually. Mostly just from walking while it's raining or while the ground is still wet, but some times it was intentional. Not intentional, like "Ooo, I want to get my heels muddy!" but intentional like I happened to be wearing them while I participated in a muddy activity.

Dress clothes, yes, a few times. Once, I was at a party and an ******* thought it would be funny to throw us girls in the mud outside and try to get us to wrestle. All it did was get all of us pissed at him. Another time was at a graduation party, and an impromptu game of football started. It was raining and some of us were having fun dancing and running around in the rain, and someone found a football. We tossed the ball around a bit, then one of the guys tackled the guy with the ball, and then it became like a game of Hot Potato, where everyone tried to tackle whoever had the ball, and then we finally just picked teams and started playing. That was a lot of fun, but it ruined one of my favorite dresses at the time :(

Thank you so much, KaBe22. That was funny!

What kind of heels did you have on? Were they ruined as well?

football or frisbee on a rainy muddy field is the best!! although even better than that (better than the best?) a few years ago there was a drought, and the river level was way down...a lot of exposed, deep mud to slog around through. got to do that maybe 1/2 dozen times, only solo

yep, definitely!! Although the cleanup or having to walk home all muddy isn't so fun. But the playing is!! :)

It is an awesome felling isn't it!