Just Starting.

 I haven't been playing long. I actually just started. But I know I love watching people play it. It makes me interested. Now I just need to get better at playing. The Rats and zombies at the very beginning keep killing me. At some point I want to be able to play as a Vampire.

kyokiwi kyokiwi
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3 Responses Jan 15, 2010

And No, never played Marrowwind

Thanks. Those alter things are annoying lol. and Like the first Gate of Oblivion is a pain too lol. Got so far up it and then ended up dying and going to back to the beginning lol. I have always like watching people play and and so far the little I played I enjoy it.

You're going to loveeee it! I'm currently playing Oblivion right now too... Did you ever play Morrowwind?? The whole vampire thing I haven't gone into yet..killed a few... I heard it's fun for the minute, but after awhile it sucks being a vampire... Can't go out during the day... ;] If you need any help just ask! ;]