Having changed schools at a very inconvenient age, 13 and moved to a completely different part of the country I stuck out like a sore thumb. No one knew me, my accent was different and inevitably I was picked on by kids destined to pass very few or no exams at all.

So I played tennis a lot. Every chance I would go to the local club and play and eventually I beacme pretty good. I played for the men's second then first team and toured the County palying other clubs. So instead of brooding about the rubbish time I was having socially at school I focussed on tennis two evenings per week and all of Sunday.

I even became my clubs open champion at 16!! New found respect from a few people at school and by 17 most of the bullies had been weedled out to claim the dole

Nothing like tennis on a sunny day!!

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Thanks Wildernessgirl I still play tennis occasionally and coach rugby

Ah-ha! Now I remember! I've read this story before! <br />
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So do you play or coach tennis now?

Every now and then when I find someone to play. Slightly restricted scampering about with the acl knee thing! Still go to Wimbledon and Queens occasionally.. Do you play?

Do you still play tennis?

Thank you for your comment LV

Wow! great story, very inspiring