How Much Of A Gamer Are You?

I play video games, but I don't really keep up with game news or anything. I'm playing Starcraft 2 on a friend's account and returning to God of War 2 on my PS2. Also planning on buying a Dreamcast soon, so I can have a cheaper way of gaming.

I own a Gamecube and a PS2. I do some PC gaming though, but I enjoy having a controller in my hands. I recently torrented the pokemon games and I've been playing them on an emulator. Looking forward to Portal 2.

What about you? Got any hardcore gamers on this site? Or anyone like me, who just enjoys a good game now and then?
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5 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Not World of Warcraft, just Warcraft (the third one, actually). It has an end, so if I did get addicted, there'd be an end in sight!

My friend gave me the password to his account so I could play all his Blizzard games, but unfortunately, my computer is too crappy to run SC2. He recommended I play Warcraft, and he lent me the SC2 artbook!

Im still stuck in the forest of illusion!!

I enjoy hearing other gamers who still play the older systems. I'm like you; I play games now and then with great replay value as well. I was all over my PS2 and N64 back in the day. And it's really fun to grab them from my closet, plug 'em in, and play my old wrestling games, Maddens, Tekkens and Vice Citys. Whenever my brother comes over, sometimes we'd play the multipla<x>yer on N64's Perfect Dark. Good times.

i wouldn't consider myself hardcore, personally i think of obsessive fps pla<x>yers as hardcore. i am however a completionist. i'll do even the truly pointless side quests to get 100% like i have all the achievements in assassins creed 2 and i've found all the chests scattered through every area. i've also done all but one quest in fallout 3, and i've got most the non dlc achievements in that.<br />
<br />
even with all that i don't consider myself hardcore, lol that's just being unemployed and bored.