I can narrate whole years of my life in video games.

Tetris - the old tetris, with the Russian musicians celebrating your success - was a lovely escape when things were difficult.  And my grandmother...  ah.  Okay, so she would come for visits and sleep over.  And then she met Tetris, and I kid you not, the woman missed the last bus home because she was busy playing and had to stay another night. 

Final Fantasy was a lovely bonding experience.  My husband was so good at it, and I was so incredibly bad at it...  I did get better.  I would invent stories about Rikku and Yuna, and he would play and let me watch.  I'd make banana pancakes and sweet potato biscuits and we'd camp out on the bed for hours of boss battles.

Need for Speed was an opportunity to take my mom for a drive.  She's so cute:  She'd pull two dining room chairs to the middle of the room and sit in the " passenger seat. "  I'd put the game on the setting with no competition, and drive her back behind the waterfall.  We'd chat,  and I'd drive her " home." 

And then there was Pong... 
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well.. hopefully the combination of Pong, hammering the piano, and wrestling the bulldog didn't end in tragedy for the perfect boobs. As the dread pirate Roberts made clear, it's a shame to waste perfect ones.

Never had a victory on Tetris,<br />
<br />
And then there was Pong.