& Yesh, I'm A Girl.

I've been gaming since I was five years old, I asked for a PlayStation for Christmas and my grandparents bought me one. I was so excited and ever since then have been addicted to video games. I can easily spend the whole day playing them, I don't though since I hardly ever have the time to even play for a little bit anymore... I've owned a N64, GBC, PS1, PS2, Gamecube, Wii, DS, DS Lite and I just bought myself a PS3 last month. I love it ^.^ I ADORE RPGS & survival horror games, those are the best.<33
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I got a ps3 for christmas and I cannot seem to get off of it. I absolutely LOVE video games now. Mortal Kombat, Modern Warfare 3.. can't wait for the new black ops to come out :) ! Cheers to another female gamer!

Hey :) i know this is old but do you still play PS3??

hells yeahhh :D

lol well can i add you then :)??

Im a 13 year old girl and have played videogames on my computer since 6 years old... <br />
Like Harry potter prisioner of askaban PC,shrek 2,now i have to download them from the internet<br />
instead of borrowing them of some dvd store... im very furious... i wish i could go back now and do the same things i did beforel.... Im a fanatic of videogames... :p if someone doesnt think i should like videogames i dont care... i just love them <3

holy crap i love sotc soooo much just add me as a friend sweetheart...lets get our game on :3

I own both, but I love my XBOX. Its 10 times better.

Ikr? I'm not a fan of Xbox. PS3 Is much better in my opinion.

Xbox makes you pay for subsc<x>ription :P how lame.

Call of duty isn't as good as it was when it started after call of duty 4 it just went stupid they should go back and re-release call of duty finest hour that was the best call of duty by far and btw psn is back online but I'm guessing most of you already know :)

I think and yes ii am a guy but hear me out on this that if you want a game that makes you think you should get portal 2 yes there is0 abit of violence in it but its the only game I've ever had to really think about what to do in it it has truly confused me but its a great game

Awesome! Not ony a gamer chick, but one with fine taste! We should be friends :) hehehe adding you to circle..... Now :)

I ADORE Heavy Rain and Shadow Of The Colossus. They are probably two of my most favorite games ever. We need more unique games like that In the US... it's sad that there aren't many. Never got my hands on Ico, I want it though. I cannot wait until The Last Guardian/Trico comes out<33

Its always a pleasantry to find fellow girl gamers out there, especially well rooted ones :) i too have been gaming for years as well, and i understand what you mean about being able to just play them around the clock lol. Anyway, since you got a ps3 have you tried heavy rain yet? Im a big fan of artistic games that blur lines between film and games. I love unique storylines and good character building. Another favourite is the ico/shadow of the colossus/last guardian series. The art and story are like nothing else out there, and the game mechanics are unique as well. The uncharted series is awesome too! Anyway, sorry for blabbing but it is always nice to find fellow female gamers out there! Game on :) <br />
<br />

Ps3s offline lol but yeah I know loads of girls that video games add us on it if you want stev754 :) and it's normal for girls to playvideo games my girlfriend does and shes normal

Hey, I am David and I love resident evil and gears of war. I have an xbox 360 and ps3

Haha I was but id remember my login x3<br />
I joined to try to win the Teddie plushies they were giving out like two years ago xD

Hell yeah !!! also by any chance are you part of the Atlus Faithful?

I have a few favorites...Persona 3 FES, Haunting Ground, Silent Hill series, Assassins Creed 2 & BH, Phoenix Wright series. <333

Which is the best game that you like?

for me its been like weeks lol i suggest u get rid of ur Ps3 and get some 360

I was gonna get it a few months back but I bought the PS3 instead. And I knowww ;( Been down for like 5 days now.

If i were u i think I would get an xbox 360 lol. PSN is down

NatHeartsYou ^.^

hey i have a PSN. add me NBD-Riot