Pretty Much My Life

I've been playing video games before i even started school my very first video game was crash bandicoot on playstation, love that game (:
Im pretty much obsessed lol i cant go a day without playing my ps3
Anyone else obsessing over their ps3?

My favorite type of video game has to have gore  (:

a list of some fav. playstation 3 games:

1. Bioshock 1 and 2
2. Silent Hill Homecoming
3. Silent Hill Downpour
4. Sly Cooper Collection
5. Call of Duty
6. Medal of Honor: Airborne
7. Dead Space 1 and 2
8. Condemned 2: Bloodshot
9. Dante's Inferno
10. Mondern Warefare
11. F.E.A.R. 2 project origin
12. Alice Madness Returns
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i have a ps3 as well but i dont have those games the games i have are:<br />
<br />
fifa 10 street fighter 4 call of duty4 mw uncharted drakes fortune and uncharted 2 among thieves and im getting un3 soon and i have fifa 10 fifa street 3 mirrors edge x men origins wolverine and more

I have most of those games. I see a few I am going to have to check out. You should try Borderlands part 2, and Red Dead Redemption the 1 with zombies. They ROCK! I played Borderlands for 2 straight weeks with my husband. I loved it.