Mass Effect 3 Ending Opinion (spoiler Possibilities)

Ok, let's be honest. Who hated the alternate endings (that were all exactly the ******* same) on Mass Effect 3?

After I completed it, I literally thought about setting the disk on fire amd throwing it out the window. Bioware totally obliterated any attachment I had to Shepherd and voided the importance of the consequences to actions story that made the franchise so revolutionary!

I've got much more ranting left in me but I wanna know what your opinions are. Were you happy or disappointed by the endings and why?
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The whole ME3 debacle is a sad state of affairs. On the one hand, the ending is ob<x>jectively terrible and fails on some very basic storytelling principles, ones you'd think BioWare of all people would understand. On the other, though, it's a shame that people only remember the last 10 minutes and disregard that the other 95% of the game is pretty damn solid. Really, it's BioWare's fault--after all, endings are what stick with people more than almost anything else in a story--but it's such a tragedy that the entire series is going to only be remembered as the trilogy with the terrible ending.

Actually, I must agree with you. Despite the anticlimactic ending, I did thoroughly enjoy all three games and developed quite an attachment to all the characters. Perhaps I just need to focus on the good times had...

A friend of mine found that if you treat the entire third game as the end of the series, and not just the last few minutes, it makes it a little better.

Otherwise, you can just skip that last segment and make up your own ending.

I felt like all that time I spent on playing the Mass Effect series (100s of hours) was basically for nothing when I saw the ending. I think Bioware is making DLC that changes the ending though

Yeah they are, but the fact that we have to pay for the DLC just to get an ending that doesn't suck is plain wrong! Bioware really are squeazing ever bit of cash out of us.

um hi just wanted to say we are not paying for the dlc its supose to be free if you heard about it we are supose to be getting that free cause a lot of people complained about it cause they were supose to make it up to us for it but over all its just not going to cut it cause all its going to do is extend on what we got and try to explain what it was

we seen out of those endings which makes no sense I think they should give us all the endings they promised us cause orginally there was supose to be what 14 or 16 different endings thats what the strategy book said even though thats not what we got my opinion they should redo the whole game and give us what was promised orginally

but they wont do that and they wont change the ending all the dlc does is extend on the ending on what we seen and explain it to us in better detail and they were supose to throw another dlc called earth which I dont know what that one is but both dlc are free we are not paying for them

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