I have played so many games in my life i cant even count them but one game changed my life .HALO. Currently im a huge fan i mean like in love with it. in school i just daydream the story in my head except i add a little bit of me in it.but it troubles me that nobody can see a video game the same way i can.people just think they make you lose your imagination but games gave me most of the story writing, acting, an thinking skills i have today.is there anybody else who feels the same???
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2 Responses Apr 23, 2007

Halo has a fantastic story, I'm not surprised that you'd get inspired by it. You should read Eric Nylund's books, if you haven't already.

Lol, yeah! really gets your creative side going. I love shooting games. I could play them all day. But I had a PS2 so for me it was Killzone that I enjoyed playing. The gun game I had the most fun playing was Perfect Dark for the N64. I loved that game and to me it is the best. I loved the Co-op and counter Co-op thing they had going. It was a great story too. There are very few shooter games that have good stories to them. Usually after I finish paying a gun game, if someone would ask me what is the storyline was, I would not even know. They give cut scenes but they don't draw you in live the good gun games.