I Am Addicted To Skyrim

I know its really sad and I need to get a life but I dont know what it is.
Started playing it when it was released but, after 3 months, a bad glitch meant I couldnt complete certain quests, so I sold it.
The xbox never went on after that, and the months after I carried on with everyday life, normal and happy(ish), but felt like something was missing.
I, at the time, thought it was absence of a girlfriend, so started a mission for a lover which of course led to disappointment.
Then one rainy day I was bored at home, so thought Im gonna buy a new game!
Browsed around and ended up buying fallout 3. Didnt like it after 10 mins, just couldnt get in to it, so I never played it again. Then I thought Id buy a game like skyrim, and after a toss up between DA2 and fable, I chose DA2. After 10 mins, turned it off, didnt like it.
I then realised skyrim is just too good a game with so much more depth and graphic quality.

So in the end, after wasting 40 quid, I have purchased skyrim again, and cant wait to re start the journey!
I ordered it 10 mins ago. WHERE IS IT??
TheIronyOfItAll TheIronyOfItAll
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2 Responses Aug 28, 2012

Skyrim did the same to me ! Glitched , not long after I started . I play fable though, I'm on fable3 now but it's just not the same quality ....

that's why I'm such a fan. No other games have the depth and authenticity of skyrim I feel. I just respect the work bethesda have put into that game so much.

It is awesome . I think I might have to play it now. Reading this made me all crazy again lol :D

Yeah, get your dragonborn on!!

Really? I tried playing that game so many times and I just can't seem to get into it like most people :/

I hear ya. Suppose its each to their own, I just love the variety of communities and landscaping. And being a werewolf lol