Yes, I am a proud gamer. I was born in '86 and to my knowledge and my memory there has always been a console in my household.

I remember holding controllers and not having a clue as to what I was supposed to be doing but was a joy to see things on the screen moving :) so that's progress! Haha :) I love being a gamer. I love the stories, the challenges, the experiences, being plain bored, exploring the games. I was not a lazy kid, I went out and played as often as possible, the rare time I wouldn't want to go out and play my mom would kick me out of the house anyways lol, but games was always there and I love it. Either meant alone time when you're tired of the world or it brought family together or piles of friends, the bond :) my mom is an amazing woman lol my friends were family. Anyways, I love to play all sorts of games, not the best at all that's for sure. I admit I've slipped into the mainstream of COD shooters but it doesn't mean I won't play other games.

Growing up being a girl who plays video games wasn't weird at all :) I had an odd couple of people tell me that I'm not allowed to play video games because I'm a girl(not those jerks online but people people), shrugged it off because of the way my mom raised me. Do what makes me happy. Gaming is one of those things.

I currently only play on Xbox Live as for online gaming, I also have a PS3 but am hardly ever online there. Tell me, what do you play? What are you're experiences?
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A 360 eh? & u prefer it over the PS3??? Awesome

haha ya, my older brother was the PS guy and him n my dad got me the original xbox and some games for my bday one year n have just been hooked on the xbox since cuz it was my own

Nothing wrong w/ that

I was born 6 years earlier than you in '81. The most memorable console I grew up with was probably sega mega drive 16 bit, then along came the famicon in japan AKA - super nintendo. Sega mega drive games like: Revenge of shinobi, Altered Beast, Sonic the Hedgehog.<br />
And Nintendo Games like: super Mario world, Super Mario Kart racing, Super Metroid,<br />
Castlevania, Super Contra 3. <br />
Then along came N64 and Sega dreamcast.<br />
Super mario word was one of my fav N64 games, as well as Killer Instinct.<br />
Shenmue 1 & 2.<br />
I tend to like either action/fps/strategy/gory/sandbox games, and games with a meaty story like Rain. I really like The Game Rain for 3 reasons. Simplicity, and atmosphere and the musical score.<br />
<br />
Sadly I dont have much time to play games nowdays as we all have jobs and more important things to do. For me playing games actually helps me to revieve some stress from work. ( Aaaaaaahhhhh Im being chewed by a dead zombie)

6 years? I was born in 86 :) still older though lol so still more experience. That's cool though. Haha I miss playing Killer Instinct! I almost forgot about that game. XD oh the joys of gaming. I miss a lot of games! I also wished I had more time for some more games, ah well :) At least there's still the time. (lol @ the dead zombie part)

I started playing computer games back in the 80's when you needed to use floppy drives. My brothers and I would play Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem. Both of these games originally had the crappiest graphics back then!<br />
Late teens I was addicted to anything that Blizzard released and still am to a degree!<br />
My fav was and still is somewhat Diablo2. Love a good rpg. <br />
<br />
Went through the world of warcraft phase but couldn't justify the monthly cost to log on.Tried Evony and other build games but they get boring quickly - there always comes a turning point where I ask myself, right I have built the castle/city etc conquered lands, so what now? <br />
The wii has a good zombie shooter game, I think it was house of the dead but I usually prefer to play games on my ipad these days because of the mobility of the device. Play anytime anywhere :)

haha :) old PC games ^_^ floppy disks. ooh the 80's/90's. when Duke Nukem came out on the N64 I would play that one often lol can imagine that before it was pretty bad with graphics. haha I can't get myself to even touch WoW, the news ruined that for me by talking about how addicting it is and how much money people spend and all that. It seems crazy. Haha, once I got into Xbox Live I haven't done as much exploring with different games as I used to. Oh well, :) I enjoy myself anyways. I have an iPhone and used to spend hours playing games on it too ^_^

Yes WOW is addictive!
My brother, the nomad, stayed with me most of last year and brought his x-box 360 with him. Graphics and gameplay are superb! he had most of the Final fantasy games which I liked and the new Dragon age was good too, the 5 minutes of it that I got to play! I did miss it when he left but not enough to go out and buy!

For ipad - warriors2 is good and free kickass game
Dragonvale because the kids like it (shhh so do I)
Dead Space is amazing but scary as hell, but do they have to materialize out of nowhere and start smashing?
Sniper games are fun when you want to kill a few minutes

So what games do you play?!?