God No. ...

God no. My best mate loves them though. We all think she's a geek. But we tell her it all the time.
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she i a gamer

Doesn't make her a geek. Lots of people love video games. Does that make them all geeks? No.

I wouldn't say she's a geek or nerd for gaming. These terms express how one experiences something not what they experience. Also, if she's just playing COD and Twattlefield then it doesn't count :p

haha I don't think you've ever played a good video game before then ;)

My school friends used to call me a geek. They always told me "how can u play this games? Is there nothing else to do? Thats not interesting at all... etc" <br />
So what do u think? Now they are all playing mmo games. ))<br />
I don't think there is anything bad in playing games. And i don't get it why some people think that if someone has a different interests he(she) is a geek. U can't expect everyone to be like u and to think the same way.

Haha, yeah. I'm a huge video game fan, and all my friends love to tell me what a geeky nerd I am. Doesn't offend me though, it's just funny.<br />
<br />
Perhaps I love them so much due to my short, almost non-existant, attention span. I couldn't imagine a world without virtual gaming entertainment.