I'm Not Coordinated Enough...

I'm not coordinated enough for video games, though my fiancee is addicted!!
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4 Responses Dec 20, 2006

Practice practice then kick some but

Same here, but I do love playing strategy based games like AOE. I can kick some serious *** in AOE!!!!!!!!

I'm not an experienced video game pla<x>yer myself especially in a game that has a story line to it or a certain task I die a lot at first too but i keep on playing till I get it right. My boyfriend loves video games he got mad at me once when he was trying to show me how to play halo on xbox I just couldn't get it together(bad hand eye coordination) especially when I'm using the joysticks on the controller instead of the regular up, down, L,R, pad that I learned how to play video games on in the first place. Now if you put a fighting game in of some sort I'll enjoy that especially after I figure out how to do a certain move I'll keep doing it over & over. He hates it but I love it especially if I keep on beating him.

I have the same problem! whenever I pick up a controller I end up dieing to quickly to figure out what the different buttons do. I have just about given up on video games all together, but my boyfriend keeps egging me on to try again, I bet you face the same dilemma!

open the booklet in side the game it will tell you what they do i hope this helps