Strategy Games Ftw

Ah, I love strategy games

When I was small I played Age of Empires, and what do I do now? I play Age of Empires!

AoE 1 and 2 are the best in the series. I often play them on LAN with my friends.
I even have AoE1 on my Pocket PC and on my Cell phone :) I'm so addicted to it.

Another game I love is Rome:Total war (And Medieval 2). Never before have I seen such a huge epic strategy game. Maybe I have some kind of megalomania! Muahahahaha j/k :P

Anyone else out there who loves strategy games?

BTW, Counterstrike, Fable, Oblivion are all nice games too :P

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6 Responses May 17, 2007

yeah, I love Age of empires. It's so beautiful. but I would call Age of Mythology- The Titans the greatest of all. Have yo played it. I don't play it fast. I play very slowly enjoying every bit of it jut like a real mighty lord.

Nope, I don't play PS2; only computer games... :P Although sometime I play PS3 at a friend's place... THere is this game for PS3 called Bladestorm: the hundred years war which is really nice :D

During the summer especially, and many times during the school year, my brothers and friends and I all still play Age of Empires. We play AoE III sometimes, but everyone still likes Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Expansion.<br />
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Recently I got a SmartPhone (phone/pocket pc) and one of the first things I did was put Age of Empires on it. Now I will always have it with me! Then again, another part of me says that I should be doing something more productive with that time.

You have good taste in games.<br />
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I am currently playing fable (for the second time). I played morrowind (loved it), I have oblibion but haven't started it (as my partner is playing it and I want to use his computer for it).

Oblivion is cool, its so overwhelming it starts to feel like I've stopped playing for now.<br />
I buy far too many games and play too less when I could be saving money. I enjoyed Black and White 2, if only it had been open ended...

Me, I've always liked the "girly" strategy games like The Sims or SimCity. I've wasted countless hours of my life ordering my little guys around to go pee or eat or buy a fancy lil' computer (on which I make THEM waste their time playing with). <br />
I also like Starcraft. I'm not too good at it without cheats, to my everlasting shame. And I love Oblivion. For me, hack 'n slash games like Diablo II and Sacred are awesome stress relievers.