Weird Sounds In The Caustic Caverns In Borderlands Two, And My Theory On It.

well when i first got to the caustic caverns, i heard what sounded like phantom sounds, like someone was mining, keep in mind( if you remember this part) that all the miners were killed off by the crystalisk, so there shouldn't be anyone other then you down there, so my conclusion is that borderlands 2 is the devil, lol lol jk!! but seriously, i think its suppossed to be a ghost of one of the miners or something, i wish you could find a glimpse of this phantom miner, it would make thee experience that much more bad ***. if you plan to test this out, lower the music volume, then in the beginning of the stage cross the river of acid, under the decaying bridge, once you get to the other side you mite start to hear it if not, go into the cave that leads to the blue crystalisk boss, wait for a second and you should hear mining sounds, at one point i thought i heard someone screaming too, its freaken cool!! check it out, then comment on this subject, let me know if anyone finds more phantom sounds.
thepalehispanic thepalehispanic
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

I have heard the sounds as well but, still have not come to a conclusion of what they are.