The Best Times Of My Life

The best times of my life have been spent playing countless hours of video games. I remember My very first video game budy in the third grade. We took turns playing Bloodrayne & Turok on PS2. I remember bonding with her family & brothers over James Bond Nightfire. We stayed up until the morning play together. I remember playing endless days of Oblivion with my old best friend. He named his character Ooogly Boogly.
Video games have always been my favorite way to vent, and escape reality. It is thrilling and interactive, and is always there when you need it. Being a girl that play video games (and plays them well) is a rarity where I live, so I am always looking for people to play with, weather your skilled or not. I often am found playing Black ops 2, My gamertag is SugaryPhoenixxx should you want to add me on live!
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

im on steam so i cant add you if you are on live right?
named my chars in skyrim :coco Hatuel (le cat stealth master 1 handed and **** XD)
Gila Almagor (was my female barb) and Hezi (the amazing wizard lizard wich is so stupid I mean you walk around and hidden and suddenlly some1 sees you and if u go a lil back than u are hidden again like giant walking on 2 lizards are just everywhere that its so common)
Im trying to uplevel my pistol now in black ops 2 cause i wanna duel wield or whatever its called, just so i can feel complete with it and go back to do shananigans with ma RPG and hear little kids yell at me XD

I actually play Skyrim on pc so my steam name is lynnthegreat. My skyrim is modded beyond recognition lol. On black ops 2 I am thinking of prestiging my type 25 ar. because I do good with that weapon. do you play BO2 on pc? I played MW3 on pc & the hachers ended up ruining the game so I switched to xbox360.!


the call of duty I played till BO2 came out was modern warfare1 because it was fast and mostlly unbroken and the bots were easy to kill there
after that game no CoD was any fun but than BO2 came and its multi was awsome so I switch to it ^^
I actually played skyrim on my PS3 cause it was on a sale along with raymen origin :D
I am building guns for all ocuasions (if im camping or if im running or if im against campers/runners etc')
for all the good lil boys n girls :D