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Video Games Ftw

I absolutely love playing video games. It started from an early age playing tony hawk, pokemon, age of empires etc. Now my friends and i often have whole evenings dedicated to various video games. Xbox halo night, Mortal kombat vs dc night, Tekken night, dead island and so the list goes on. There is just something behind being so completely enveloped in a world that does not exist. adrenaline rushes and just escaping. I love video games and dont think ill ever stop playing! Feeding my skyrim addiction or assassins creed... guild wars or dishonoured. Video games for the win.
QuiteElementary QuiteElementary 22-25, F 9 Responses Dec 7, 2012

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I play everything, basically.

I only play 4 pc gAmes, generals zero hour mods,starcraft 2,diablo 3 & dota 2..I play 2-5 hours a day..

i got you in my sights - there is no where for you to go - i got that whole mountain covered - so either side you come out of you are going to be shot - so you can try to find a way to escape but its not going to work because you are going to be in my crosshairs no matter what side of the mountain you come out of

Youd better be a damn good shot then. Because im not that easy to catch

yeah you are just gonna have to find out whether or not i am a good shot - i know that whole area over in that mountain and you only have 2 exits - so you are gonna have to find a way to catch me off guard if you are going to escape that mountain -

I could run, or work out a tactical course out of here... but... i think ill just set myself up a nice hideout and wait you out. because like you... i am an extremely good shot.

the problem is that you have no idea where i am at - so when you do go into hiding waiting me out - when you come out you are gonna have to find out where i am at because as of right now you have no clue but i sure know where you are :)

Im pretty sure you think you know where i am..

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i'm more into racing games. playing GT5 at the moment

Racing games arent bad. i just prefer other types

There just something about it,and just nothing else to give us that rush, that excitement this reality is so boring lol where in this world can I hunt down a dragon like in skyrim or shoot zombie's head off like in dead island... I love your choice awesome games I still can't give up skyrim

I love zombies or imagining my reaction to a zombie apocolypse and its like you just cant get enough.

You can't that's why there's always a new game too expand are imagination, the mess up part is if there would be a zombie apocalypse a lot of people would have fun lol

I would have so much fun in a zombie apocalypse. i find myself laying awake at night thinking up strategies and plans incase the zombies come.

This is what games do lolbut its better too be prepared on the slight chance we can actually use are gaming skills

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"There is just something behind being so completely enveloped in a world that does not exist." --So true! I have always wanted to live that kind of world :D Oh! you play resident evil?

Yes! i love resident evil. I always dream in video game worlds. i love it.

It's a good game :) You play Silent hill? it's the only game I coudn;t finish T_T too scary >,

Like we would stop if we could!

Keep on gaming my fellow gamers! :D

Like your style! Skyrim ftw