Can't Rembember Since When

Girl gamers do exist. I love Pokemon, and I have since as long as I can remember. Pokemon came out the year I was born, and since I had a brother, whom at that point, was just at the age one would like Pokemon, I grew up with it.

It's remained #1 for 15 years (my age)... up till 2 weeks back. For 3 years, I've wanted to play Portal, but I couldn't, and then my brother got both of them for me. Best. Game. Ever.

Portal > Pokemon

Companion Cube > Pikachu

Chell > Ash/Red

GLaDOS > Gary/Giovanni

Wheatley? I have no idea. He's just adorable. 
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Of course girl gamers exist, and they're awesome! I grew up on Pokémon as well. I actually played it over and over until I got so sick of it I don't think I want to play it again. I love Portal as well though, haven't played 2 yet, but it sounds really fun.

Seriously. PLAY IT. IT'S AMAZING. IT'S LIKE, 500,000 TIMES better than the first. Pokemon was still my childhood!

Wow, I'll definitely have to play it now. :o

DO IT. Then once you get it, we can co-op. Add me on Steam: awesomelightning

Okay, I added you.

You were Programmer2000, right? :P I have no life, that's why I added you back so fast.

Yep. :) Hey, I'm sure you were just expecting me, right? :P

xD yeah and also there was a notification bubble :P

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I love Portal, LOVE it. But I couldn't put it above Pokemon. Then again, it's been a while. And I was crazy over it when I first played it. Pokemon just has so much sustainability that pretty much no other game can match. But yeah, you should definitely do your homework :p

It's *just* above Pokemon Yellow. As far as what is deeper in my heart though, it's hands down Pokemon. Like seriously. Pikachu was ENTIRELY my childhood.

I think it's the replayability. There's only so many puzzles in Portal, but you can play Pokemon a million times and never have the exact same experience. Plus all those hacks are nice.

I don't care about the hacks, but it's definitely the replayability that has me coming back. I mean, the storyline doesn't change, but the game is so versatile, and has more outcomes than everyone on the planet could ever play, so it's really awesome in that sense. NO GAME can beat that aspect of Pokemon. It's just that... well... now everything is about EV training and battling. It's destroyed our original objective-- to catch 'em all, and to be a master. That's the only reason I play the games. Not for EV training, not for trading. I like the original motive. I miss the style of the old games though. Pokemon is one of those games best kept eight bit.

I just like to call myself a gamer. I play a lot of different games. Keep on gaming my fellow gamer.

But I've been playing Portal for 5 hours today and I still haven't done my homework!

Well, you need to put it down until you get your homework done. I use to do my homework friday night that way I had the rest of the weekend to have fun.

i just can't do that! You should see my math homework right now. off in the margins are several portal references.