My Loved Games

I played since I could rember so about preschool and playing Debo on the first PlayStation that they made And play the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo. Untill Halo came out on xbox I remember using the pistols (god pistol) and the assault rifles.
I played FPS RPG and MMORPGS
The fps i loved playing are Battlefield series, Halo series, Cod series, left for dead series fall out series if you count in that section
Rpg were my assassins creed series Dragon age series fall out series Elder Scroll series Final Fantasy series Tome raider series
Mmorpg are Runescape Runes of magic SWTOR Jade dynasty Guild Wars series wold of warcraft
Also my Dragon ball z games
My xbox gamer tag is veiwableTick2 if you wsnt to friend me
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Jan 9, 2013