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This is my first story in this forum and I couldn't think of a better way to kick off 2013 than starting a fresh start on this EP site talking about gaming. Yes, I am a female that enjoys a controller in my hand when I have the free time available. There is alot of us out there :). I don't necessarily play vidiogames for competition but rather the enjoyment of the game I am playing. To take in the features, texture, and quality of a good game.I get hooked on a good storyline. I thought 2012 was the year for gaming. There was so much that came out. From Street fighter vs tekken,Tekken tag tournement 2, The DMC series being put in HD, RE6, Borderlands 2, Dragon's Dogma, Halo 4, COD: Black Ops 2, AC3, Dead or Alive Demesions, NG3, and the list goes on....I loved the detailing that went into Halo 4. I am not the hugest fan but it was a blast playing. RE6 I know alot were disappointed at. I can understand the disappointment to an extent (the puzzles) but I enjoyed it just the same. I too was looking foward to Leon and Chris's encounter. Ninja Gaiden 3 was a story I am somewhat familiar with.My guy knows more about it than me. I started out playing the second. I enjoyed the storyline for the third as this I believe Ryu to me is more of an open book.The gameplay however was not that blood gushing (lol).But I hear the wii u version is going to be. Recently I have finished Dragon's Dogma and I enoy it alot! What hooked me was the gameplay while battling creatures such as the cyclopse, ogre, drake the dragon, the chimeras, ect. It's even more of a challenge after beating the red dragon. This is the game I am currently still playing when I have the free time. Three upcoming games I am looking foward to are Army of two: The Devil's Cartel, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, and Dead Space 3. I enjoyed the past two games of army of two and I am a bit freaked out on the Dead Space series (lol). My guy is a fan of it and I honestly think its just gross with the wicked human alien mutating thing. I remember one part on the second game while my guy was playing it was like a sneaky attack that poped up from nowhere. You never know! (lol) But I enjoy playing with him that I am willing to play the co-op campaign. (as this is the first for the series). Wish me luck. As for Luigi's Mansion I enjoyed the first on the Gamecube years back. He is my fav of the Mario Brothers. +Borderlands 2 for me is still a work in progress which means I am still playing through it and it is still bada** FOR SURE!!! The more players you have the better the gaming experience is.+ This concludes my story, thanks to who reads it and take care! /,,/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Can't wait, this is the end for the seventh generation of the consoles. While I am looking forward to the games and new systems it is disheartening to look at the current state of gaming. ****** products, bad habits(like adding online to every game that comes out) and the cost of gaming are all issues that must be stamped out before they end of getting too far gone. Oh yeah and DS3 baby! Not happy about the microtransactions and pricy additions for the people who have more money than time to play the game.

2012 was an abysmal year for gaming. At least to me. And especially compared to the quality that came out in 2011. Maybe i'm getting jaded but AC3 was just boring and i can't get in to Far Cry 3 at all.

Can't see 2013 being much better, not much coming out this year thats AAA.