Gaming Is The One Thing That's Never Let Me Down.

Ever since i was a kid first playing Altered Beast on my old crappy Amstrad, i've loved gaming. Its one of the many things i'm mad for, but i guess this is bigger than all the other hobbies i have. To the point where if i knew how to code i'd probably want to be part of the gaming industry but i'll have to settle to just being a consumer.

One of the only negatives to being so into gaming is not having any buddies anymore to have gaming sessions with on my 360. Back in the day, we're talking early 00's, me and some pals would play the PS2 for hours and have fun. Its obvious that doing something you love is even more enjoyable if you have someone you can do it with. Would love to get a group of dedicated pals i could talk about gaming with and share some jokes and good times and people who get my geek references. But ahh well. It could happen one day.

Still, gaming is awesome. Even though i feel the golden age of gaming has long since gone i still think its amazing enough to dedicate a lot of my free time too.
Bgmnts Bgmnts
18-21, M
Jan 16, 2013