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The first games I remember playin are the power rangers and super Mario for super Nintendo. Mortal kombat, killer instinct, galaga, pacman, etc loved all those games. Had n64, Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 1,2 and 3. Favs include burnout revenge, scarface, need for speed, grand theft auto, NBA street, zuma, feeding frenzy, hunter, cod, Mario kart 64, crash bandicoot and many more :)
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Would take far to long to love out my gaming history!! But in a but she'll. yes I agree. Love um :)

i hope you don't mind me saying this i would like to play you in mortal kombat if i am out of line i am sorry

Your not betcha I'd beat your *** lol

how good are you

Pretty damn good its been awhile n im prolly rusty but im still sick with it :)

i like to use sub-zero who do you like to use

i would go easy on you

i will show you mercy their are moves i don't know how to do

i like sub zero and Liu Kang. And scorpion. Every once in awhile I managee to get a WHOOPSIE!! But idk how I do it. I press alot of buttons at once lol

i do the same thing

I think I've played simcity. The name sounds familiar. I'd play you but I don't have a computer now


i don't half the moves on the game

i here that on the game i have

he all so says don't make me lough and you are nothing

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i have a ps2, ps3 and gamecube i have mortal kombat the komplete edition fore the ps3


it is a good game

Wow....I can't believe that someone else likes Zuma. People make fun of me because of it but I think that it's mostly my age. I guess women my age shouldn't be playing video games. My son gave me a PS3 for my birthday a couple of years back and I love it. I stopped playing a hunting game because I kept getting eaten by mountain lion. LOL

Omg I LOVE zuma. I've played it on Facebook but its not the same to me. My hubby used to make fun of me for playing it too. Lol. What hunting game was it? The game Hunter was like a scifi fantasy type thing had to kill these crazy monsters n save ppl

Cabela's big game hunter. My kids gave it to me for christmas a couple of years ago then told me to stop playing because I was getting to 'emotional'. There was a game I used to play with my son I think it's called Killer Instinct where he kept throwing me off a building. We played until 3 a.m. because I was trying to beat him. Never did. That was for Super Nintendo. LOL

Lol I remember killer instinct but I remember it as a dinosaur fighting game. Maybe im thinkin of somethin else..

i know someone who plays zuma, and she thinks its entertaining. i don't see why somebody would make fun of somebody else just because they play a certain game. to each his own, you know.

You are very correct!

I think some ppl just think its boring. Hubby couldn't get in to it like I did, he'd see me playing n be like ughhhh this again? Lol

their is nothing wrong with that

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