Draken 2 The Ancients' Gates

I never was much of a gamer but when i was 3 years old my grandmother got a game and a PS2 for her 42nd bday ... she got the brand new game draken the ancients' gates, she played it and i played it for 3 years and it died in 2005, i missed that game and then, on my birthday, my grandmother found it on the internet and bought it for me.... i love rynn and arock, (the two main characters rynn and her dragon), i play it every day and have insurance when it breaks... YAY !!!!
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1 Response Mar 22, 2013

I used to be like that, i had a childhood game i used to sit there and play for hours i beat it so many times but i still played it from start to finish everytime :)

Ik i haven't seen my game in years and it just pops up in gamestop... i love playing it everyday ... it has great graphic for an early 2000s game and it is rated M for mature back then and now it is T for teen lol times have changed

Lol thats what happens as years go by. I havent seen my game in years, last time i played it i had to be like 11 or something.

Kool i hope u may someday find it i wish you good luck

Lol thanx :)


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