An Obsession

My big brother is definately to blame for my obsession with video games. I grew up wanting to be just like him... and often watched him play his games. Now, I love games! My favorite game is the Sims 2. When the Sims came out, I had gotten it and every expansion pack but one (Vacation) and then sold them to my brother's best friend (and mine now) so that I could buy the Sims 2. I bought it brand new at Wal-Mart for $54. And I've been buying the expansion packs (and getting them previously played by my brother and our friend for my b-day and Christmas!). I must say... I love Zelda, but I love the Sims 2 so much more!!
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Ah reading your experiences you really are the perfect woman...The problem for me is I unfortuantly had to give up my "obsession" for games because working life keeps you so busy. Thats not to say I dont own a top of the range PC, an xbox360 and a big screen TV...I just dont get to be obsessed with them any more...and as for the SIMs 2.... Ah I've lived my perfect life there...been fired and then lived another perfect life the only problem was that my sim worked so hard he couldn't keep up his obsession for computer games (except maybe when he was a computer games tester)...and had to focus on his work instead....

One day those Sims will be human, possibly Sims 5 or 6... Sims 3 is on its way 2009.<br />
I played it religiously, set up a society of Vampire Lesbians and wicked long living crazy folk, robots and zombies...I prefer dynamic ended can be good, but a good Simulation game is almost unbeatable (And hard to find). Maaaaaaaan, just writing about it gets me Simcited (Ba dum cha) I wish my flatmate had not poured coffee on my laptop...

The Sims2 is one of the most horribly addictive games ever created. That thing consumed whole weeks of my life. *shivers at the recollection*. These days I don't dare play it for fear of getting readdicted :P

Video games rock :P What I'm with friends we always play computer games, non-stop. haha