It's Not Love, But It's Something.


I purchased my first console four years ago, after purchasing a Game-boy advances and growing sick of it I returned it (Full price refund) and made up the difference between that and the Xbox.

Why the Xbox? I suppose it was me trying to be different, everybody at school played the PS2 and it had never called to me the way Microsoft’s console did. I almost bought Mid-town madness, but the sales person let me know that Halo was the game that pretty much sold Xbox and I couldn’t ignore that. I would have been bored that night if I had gone with my first choice. It took awhile to track down the Xbox, because they were sold out in Auckland city … but a lovely Asian couple in a store managed to get one delivered to them for me especially.

I never played full on video games except for a Sega Master-system, so I jumped right into Halo and loved the quality of the game. Soon after, while researching, I discovered ‘modding chips’ and looked into my options. For $300 nz I had a chip installed and 120 gig hard-drive to boot. It was great, all I had to do was go to the video rental place, pay $7 bucks, and get a game that I would then copy to the hard-drive and play forever more. It was gamers heaven, my friend did the same…I could save 40-50 games, all for $300, which meant I payed the price of three games to get as many as I could handle.

And suddenly games were nothing to me, I would start and finish them at leisure, I barely bothered finishing a final level if I was satisfied with how far I had gone through. Games everywhere, what was I to do? I was spoilt rotten for virtual environments, I spent days building roller-coasters, nights with the commander in Halo 2, days in fable, nights in morrowind, days in need for speed, nights in mid-night club racing…so on and so forth.

I became hard to impress. If you like the GTA series you might remember how amazing liberty city seemed the first time around…it was groundbreaking…a whole city of busy folk wandering streets while drivers went about their business, the joy of accessing a new island…finding a new hidden package. And then when you played vice city or San Andreas you wondered why it didn’t impress as much…because you were harder to surprise. I became harder to surprise and impress, I lost a lot of the enjoyment I previously gained from games. Over 3 years I eventually looked at my Xbox like a pointless appliance, a fall-back for VERY boring days, but not a groundbreaking entertainment system, I was wrong, I was spoilt.

I hate to admit it these days, but when I bought my laptop it was pretty much purposefully for Sims 2. When I get a thought in my head that I want something, I find a way to work towards getting it. Sims 2 remains my favourite game of all time, unbeatable concepts and stunningly dynamic gameplay. A soap opera where the player is as god to the Sims. Sims 2 alters my thought patterns when I play for long periods of time, I start Simlosophising, wondering about the possibilities of simulated existence and questioning our own patterns, creating a spoof of real life. There’s not much more to say, I play this a lot when it works, but the passion will fade after while and I’ll move away from it for awhile, and then the passion returns and I am back full force again. I’m like this with most things.

This year I purchased the Xbox 360. Ashamedly I did this mostly for the game Oblivion after being titillated by descriptions of Radiant AI…I love A.I. and keep an eye out for the games that make advancements in this. Oblivion was a big improvement on Morrowind, but they cut the A.I. out because it was too dynamic, guards would end up fighting each other when they disagreed and while the guards fought; the locals would steel from shops without being caught. I wish they had left it in, or had an area where this mechanic could be displayed, but the game still beats all others on that console as far as concept goes. Huge continent of communities and discoveries for the player to explore at leisure (With the help of GPS)

I have other games, Viva-Piñata…because it’s the only true simulation game on Xbox, Have to say I loved that disgustingly cute game for a few weeks, grew old quickly…the animals do nothing but walk around.

Crackdown: This made me think of Halo, the world may as well be set prior to Halo’s storyline. Pacific City (Which I suspect to be in South America) where the Cop’s jump as high as buildings and have Halo armour… GTA meets Halo and I grew bored of it after a few weeks.

Gears of war…Best shoot-em-up for the 360? Perhaps it looks good, but why make aliens if all they do is carry guns and shoot? Swapped this temporarily for Lost planet

Lost Planet: Stopped playing as I started seriously devoting decent chunks of free-time to writing, I will play it again...I like the aliens.

Enchanted Arms; Basic example of simple game-play with try-hard graphics to make up for the simplicity. Do not like it.

Project Gothem racing; Average racer, not much to say except it looks okay and plays like any other racer without any stand-out features.

Guitar Hero 2; I love this game! One of my two favourite games, how can you grow sick of a guitar controller and brain-developing gameplay. Here you get a dose of hand-eye and reflex training while feeling like you rick when your friends find it hard to strum through  a song. When I’m tired but know sleep will not be my friend, I play Guitar Hero 2 and hypnotise myself into a sleepy state where my thoughts keep in their boxes.

Dead rising; my other favourite, zombies everywhere, open ended, zombies everywhere…I love it. I had always put the ‘riot’ cheat on in GTA when I felt like some interesting gameplay, running around while people did there best to hurt each other and me…now I don’t need to, I can drop right into Dawn of the dead and wipe out the Zombie scum from a suburban mall. Bloody, disturbing, scary, tense…shopping! Compelling gameplay, live three days over and over, like time travel, you keep the same stats and start again. I hope there is a dead rising 2. What is it about zombies that is so compelling?


So there you go, by my list, you might think me a serious gamer, I don’t feel like one…I am on live, smebro is my gamertag, although I never play online because I get embarrassed by my comparably poor ability. By the way, I pay my own way, I am young but I fund myself through work. I am stupid for not saving, I hope the forty year old me doesn’t look back at current me and say ‘I was foolish, I should have saved’…I hope I’ll be rich enough not to regret my spending habits (Sporadic, spontaneous) or that forty year old me will be happy enough to have no regrets.

Anyway, I play games, here is my story.

smebro smebro
22-25, M
Jun 26, 2007