Currently working on WWE2k14. Had to put the difficulty on easy for me to beat the damn storylines! :( but so far I'm really liking it.
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Ah a girl that likes WWE games. For me I think they peaked at like 2011. They took out a lot the wrestling part for more a show. There already talking about the next one. Is that the one with John Cena on it.

This is actually the first one I've played. I got through the first match in the storyline on 2k12, but stopped after realizing I was really bad at it. And yes, 15 will have our hero Cena on it -___-

They still have that difficulty?

Yes, for noobs like me.

I haven't played a wwe game in forever, but I remember them pretty easy, even on legend mode.

Well then you must have been pretty good at them lol.

Eh, well, I am kind of a video game nerd, so I guess I was alright.

Lucky! I wish I could be that good at them :(

You could be. It just takes practice.

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