Living with an avid ps4 player I finally gave in complaining about the one word replay I got for hours on end, and bought myself a games console...
And to my surprise my younger gaming years where rekindled, and now me and Hubby can have a whole conversation just using one word at a time! ;0)
My first game was Laura Croft, and enjoyed it very much, I remember playing the very first one, the graphics are so amazing now...
I was then looking for more puzzle games and tried Trine 2 I had a quick go on it when I got my console but thought it was a bit dated, boy was I wrong... I am addicted to it now, and my Husband informs me that I am a trophy *****!!! I like to feel a games is totally compleat before moving on lol
I have just got half way through the P.T demo and it scared the bejesus out of me!!! I have not screamed like that since I was a kid hahahahaha don't think I will be buying that one...
I have also completed Knac, and currently playing rayman...
I don't like full racing games, I get motion sickness lol but love puzzle games...
I maybe 42 but I wish I had got back into gaming a long time ago..
I did buy an old snez with the old zelda cartridge... And enjoyed reliving the year it took me to find all the bottles ( you did not have walkthroughs back then!)
But you can not go back I don't think...

Happy gaming folks :0)

Play P.T in the dark with headphones I dare you! Hehehe
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Do you recommend any good horror games?

Yes P.T the playable demo is out on playstation store now... But I worn you it's really graphic!

How graphic? And can you do me a favor?

What kind of favour..?

It's like and atmospheric graphic... And when that ghost appears is so real and ..... You will have to play it lol

Oh god. Is it on Steam? And can you please check out my YouTube channel and subscribe if you like what you see? It's called Vidya Bros. We're trying to make it into a living.

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Thats awesome, i wish more people would discover gaming. Its a really awesome pasttime. The cool thing is they make games for players of all interests now, so theres litterally something for everybody. Glad to hear youre having fun with it :)

Very cool!