You know what screw homework, I heard gta v has a new DLC that ends tonight but I hope the psn servers is up...
Now that I realized, might as well finish and wait for the servers ;-;
Brogann Brogann
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There's dlc? Is it another story or something?

It's about planes lol

Thats cool I guess. What other games you like btw?

A lot of games really to the point I'm forgetting their titles ... Wait more like I don't remember what games atm ... But a lot of games lol

Lol nice. Btw can you please check out my YouTube channel and subscribe if you like what you see? It's called Vidya Bros. We play old and current games.

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Lol just downloaded and now playing too bad u don't have Xbox we could play

;-; ... I blame the hackers that hacked psn aagh

I know it's crazy, sorry 😔 I know how crazy I get when something's wrong with xbox servers it sucks