Mega Man X9

I download Mega Man 9 from the Wii Store. It is WiiWare. It is an 8-bit game created in the same style as the NES games from the 1980's.

I cannot ******* play it!

It is insanely difficult. There are only 2 ******* buttons: jump and shoot. That's it! I fracking beat Metroid Prime in record time! How the **** is this simple 8-bit game busting my balls so bad?


niceguyinhell niceguyinhell
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4 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Lol, I grew up loving those games so much. If you want a less challenging but fun old game, try to find "Kid Niki: Radical Ninja". <br />
Also, I don't ever remember playing Mega Man 9, only playing up to about 6 or so. Though it's difficult as everloving hell, starting at Mega Man 1 might not be a bad idea...<br />
...that, or I just really miss GutsMan!

lol, maybe it's just that we're getting old. Our creaky fingers aren't as nimble as they were back in the console glory days.

Alright, it took an hour but I have finally defeated Galaxy Man. I put his punk *** in the hurt locker! I now have the Blackhole Bomb. I'm not sure what the hell that is, but I am now twice as dangerous as before.<br />
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Have come to the conclusion that HALO is a fine game for kids around 8 or 9 years old....but if you want a serious gaming challenge you gotta step up to old school Nintendo and Sega. <br />
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Have just downloaded Super Metroid (SNES) and Super Ghost & Ghouls. I swear I used to play my SNES every day and I don't recall these games ever being this difficult! Maybe I should have gone with Earthworm Jim? That looks like it might be a little easier.<br />
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I need to play something simple and easy to relax -- like Call of Duty or BioShock.

ahahaha!<br />
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Less buttons doesn't mean it's easier.