Have you ever spent a whole day in front of a t.v just trying to get to the next level? Have you ever stayed up all night when you knew you had to be to school/work but you just had to beat this game? Have you ever had your headset on and started cursing someone out the same time that your mom is trying to talk to you? Have you ever punched a wall, fought with a friend, yelled or thrown something at your t.v when you failed a hard mission by a nose and had to start all over again???? To say Im addicted would be an understatement. I still have my super nintendo, nintendo 64, Sega genisis, PS, and PS2 along with my better half: XBox 360. I don't know who's idea xbox live was, but god bless him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The games I like are violent. I want bodies flying everywhere, creatures eating at my body and someone knocking the spit outta me. Games like tekken, call of duty, resident evil, the warriors, god of war, grand theft auto, etc.....

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LOL @ "Lostsoul22"<br />
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If you think Bioshock is bad, you should try Clock Tower for PS1. Definitely the scariest game ever made.

Lol, I know that feeling. Its like 3am, you just WANT to know what happens next in some game you're hooked on, but you know you should go to bed. You get to the next level and your like "Ok, after THIS level I will sleep."<br />
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I have also gotten pissed once or twice from dying from the dumbest things... falling off a clff at the last minute, accidently shooting the wrong person...<br />
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I Love shooters, though i suck when it comes to MP i guess. <br />
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Halo, GTA, Dynasty Warriors, Bioshock, Half-Life, Fable I and II, Final Fantasy, Red Alert, to name a couple I enjoy. :D

well dear..i never done such things like spending a whole trying get to the next level..coz i m damn good gamer...i never play much...but when i play i win...<br />
none of my friends beat me in of duty:modern warefare1,2 is my all time fav..

If I had more time on my hands, I would have done that with Grand Theft Auto 4. Instead, I was averaging 5-7 hours per day....can't wait for the new one to come out!

First game I ever played on PS1 was the original Crash Bandicoot game, and not only was addicted from the outset but stayed up all night until I beat the game. That led to many other all night sessions. <br />
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I've since moved on to much more violent games - love pretty much any first person shooters. Though, I've been up late just about every night this week working on my NBA season on PS3

lol i know the feeling it's even worse if you're a completionist, if you are some games require a huge number of playthroughs to get everything. i'm on my third for Mass Effect and i have at least one more and 2 more at least on Mass Effect 2