I'll Still Be Playing When I'm 93

If I make it that far!

newmurderer newmurderer
11 Responses Apr 13, 2010

Not sure why my ears didn't perk up when someone mentioned Ms. Pac Man. I love that game...so much so, I bought the upright arcade game for my house. Ah..the memories...

*sucks thumb and cuddles teddy bear*

I've seriously got to block Urban Dictionary on this computer.. MORE than I wanted to know.. thank you.. *goes back to lovely clean naive mind*

Hey I never agreed to a date with you!

God you are sick :)

Must be all the shrooms...<br />
How do you feel about PacMan dare I ask?

I remember playing pong at school... the only fond memories I have.. Oh how I love thee pixellated ball... interestingly, my fondest memory of the mental ward is playing tetris on a big n64 arcade machine... Ok so it wasn't that interesting.

I'm sure there will be plenty of game playing in Hell. Though down there, there's probably every game system ever made, along with every game, just no controllers.

im a doctor and i like playing on the WII.....ssshhhhhhh.....dont tell anyone

That is assuming I don't end up in the other place ;) Good thing I don't believe...

If ya don't make it to be 93, swing by my cloud up in Heaven. I plan on paying video games in the afterlife as well!