My Wife's Nipples Are Amazing

My wife has such amazing nipples. There is no way that she is able to hide that she is aroused. Her nipples stand erect and are very hard. They are extremely sensitive, too. I can bring her to ****** just with nipple stimulation. Any nipple stimulation gets her really wet and even more horny than she normally is. I roll them with my fingers; with my tongue; I lick them; I suck them; I pull on them; I kiss them; I caress them softly; I get physical and rough with them. Her nipples get bigger and harder. We even bought nipple clamps at The Lion’s Den (reference our other story). At one time, she had considered breast implants. But when she found out that she could possible lose some nipple sensitivity with the surgery, she decided not to. Bigger **** were not worth the possibility of losing such a sensitive commodity. We love her nipples. Hope that you do, too!
mybeautifulprincesscpl mybeautifulprincesscpl 41-45 31 Responses Apr 11, 2012

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Fabulous, dahling! Nipples and boobs, what wonderful things.... --DW

Sweet, thanks for sharing

yes indeed they look like a good time. enjoy

wonderful nipples thanks so much for pictures again wonderful.

enjoy having someone who appreciates how you like how she is made. for most of the rest of us we just wish we could be in the same room with a woman this hot.

exceptionally beautiful nipples

hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt nipples

Fantastic ****, love those nipples!

They look just perfect to bit and nibble. I enjoy using vibrating nipple clamps on one of my kinky lovers, she has sexy 34B breasts with massive nipples and they are so sensitive. Sometimes I use plastic clothes pegs on them as well, she loves the pain pleasure feelings...


OMG...beautiful!! I want mine as big as yours!!


She has beautiful breasts. Would love to suck on those sexy nipples.

The pics do not lie, you are absolutely 100% correct in your assessment, those are AMAZING nips topping off those gorgeous ****, just begging for my attention!

Babe , your **** and thick stiff succulent nipple are perfect ! i have gotten my gf to *** by just suckling her sensative nipples ! they get thick and stay hard like yours for hours, even after an ****** or 2 . id love to suckle you as you ride my thick **** , fast and hard, and get us both off ! oh yeah baby !

beautiful, thanks for showing these beautiful nips

She does have some awesome **** and eraser size nipples just looking at them makes me want to suck and flick my tongue across them!! Hey that one picture you have would make a great add for Ford it could say Ford built tough with a tender touch!!

You could also say, "Who says Fords aren't sexy?" the picture is definitely the proof! (very big smile)

Gorgeous nipples!! Keep up the great play with your wife's *******!!

mm very nice and id love to see more please add me as a friend.. thanks..

You are so lucky to be married to her. Amazing nipples and her breasts are the perfect size. I am so jealous of you.

she has delicious looking nipples! I'd love to suck on them. she must look amazing going braless.

They are magnificent. Bet they look great through a thin shirt.

They are perfect, no reason for implants. And her nipples are beautiful

Love those long hard sensative nipples...add me and check out my wife's nipples!

Oh yes, they are incredible! My lips are thobbing now...

OUTSTANDING NIPPLES! Don't do anything to them! LOVE to see them, and of course suck and play with them too!

No implants! OMG they are sooooo beautiful as they are.

Those are amazing,they are so perfect the almost look fake!

those nipples are stunning!! ripe plump and eye popping. No way could they be improved upon.. except perhaps I were involved.

As a nipplemaniac, I love them.