My Playtime

well i like to play with my nipples and thieir very sensative and when i,am playing with them they make me very aroused and then i take a warm soapy shower and i wash them from all the
 exictectment   they      hade and then i feel realy happy sexually somtimes i like my boyfriend to suck on
them and i can feel like i can come haveing my play time with myself and my nipples i like to rub them massage them and my boyfriend like joshusha like to suck them gently and i hate my niplles
suck hard and when i,am home alone i like to just play with them for about a few mitues and i feeling like they get hard and i love that about them sometimes their so turned on sexually i just
play with them and joshusha dose jamies kissies and i realy get aroused by that so i play with them and they sow small and petite and i love it when i feel them harden i can just get off with
that feeling i started playing them when i was 12 yeaars old i,am twenty five and i loved it when
their soft to like you just put loction on them my niplles are my playtime.
barribi barribi
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Would love to be there to join you as my favorite 4play is giving multiple nipple *******