My Favorite Thing To Do

I constantly find myself playing with my nipples, sometimes without realizing it. While just watching tv or reading, I start flicking them with my thumbs. Sometimes at work, sitting at my desk in the front office, I slip my hand inside the top of my shirt and find my way into my bra and start pinching, tugging... It all just feels so good. I get so excited and wet sometimes, I have to excuse myself to the bathroom to finish off and freshen up.
EliseB EliseB
22-25, F
11 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Would love to be there to join you as my favorite 4play is giving multiple nipple *******

How hot!!! =)

Love story please add:)

Have you ever been caught?

Yes Sir (M'am!!)

That's indeed HOT!! I just happened upon you and was immediately intrigued!!!

PLEASE add me as your friend??

Thanks LOADS,


See Ya Soon...

Wow what a sexy thought :-)

That is hot

I find myself playing with my nipples often especially when reading EP. They are hard right now

That's so hot! Have you ever used any nipples/breast vibrator to stimulate your nipples?

ditto... I often find my hands have strayed up to my chest, pinching or flicking my hard nipples through my shirt, or I've slipped a hand inside, and have started caressing them... I've even found myself having done this before, when I've been out in public in a cafe or a bar... HOpefully no one has noticed... Actually 'having to finish off', after one's started tweeking ones nipples, is probalby the main reason I end up mastibating so much during the day when I@m at home... It does always seem to start with the nipples and breasts though...

Omg, hun! I could have written that - exactly like that - except for the "at work" part - Im a primery level teacher so that wouldnt be such a good
Lovely story - made my other nip hard now too - leftie is always hard *giggle*