I Am A Closeted Hair Fetish Guy.....

As far back as I can remember, I was always fascinated with men's hair. Not buzzed, not short but longer hair. When I was a kid I remember thinking of ways to just touch some guys hair that I considered to have a great head of hair. Most of the time I just had to use my imagination however there were a few times that I took a chance. My interest is only with men's hair, as a women's head of hair does not interest me. I even think this is a strange fetish to have and without a doubt one that I don't freely admit to. At least the internet allows me to talk about it without having to be embarrassed by it.

I remember one time on a plane I was fascinated with a male steward who was taking care of the section I was seated in. He had a thick head of brown slicked, shiny hair. He had a high pompadour in the front with the sides going straight back above the ears. The back was tapered business like, to the collar. that was all slicked. Every time he walked by I would take a nice long look and then begin to imagine him letting me mess his hair all up and allowing me to re-comb it for him. I kept trying to figure out how long his bangs and sides really were as I could tell they were long based on the height of his pomp and the grooves in his hair, formed by his comb, swept back.

About an hour and half into the flight I decided to get a mixed drink. I pressed my call button and in no time, the steward with the incredible head of hair appeared. I politely asked for my mixed drink, being careful not to be obvious that I was fascinated with his hair. He smiled and said he would be right back with my drink.

Within minutes he was back with my drink in hand. I quickly lowered my tray from the seat back in front of me. He leaned over and gave me a napkin which I placed on the tray. Just as I looked up to take the drink from his hand, a large lock of hair came out of place from his pompadour. My jaw must have dropped and my eyes became fixated on that misplaced lock of hair that came down diagonally over his left eye, over his nose and just about touched his chin beneath his right eye. My first thought was that I was either imagining this or dreaming, but this was really happening. I quickly reached for my wallet to pay for the drink when he surprised me by saying the drink was on the house. He then took his hand, fingers spread apart and ran them thru his hair, trying to put his lost locks back in place. Without thinking I thanked him for the drink and followed that by commenting that he had great hair. He smiled and said thank you and then said he was not having a good hair day. I told him it still looked good.

I finished my drink and periodically looked up as my steward walked by giving a friendly smile each time our eyes met. At the end of the flight I was hoping that he would be getting off the plane as well. He stood near the exit door thanking passengers for flying with them. As I approached I thanked him again for the great service and then I quickly asked if he was continuing on with another flight or was this a layover. He said that he was continuing on to Baltimore and then he would be doing a layover there.

As I walked down the ramp to the terminal, I kept thinking to myself, if only I could get a ticket to Baltimore.

Since that flight a few years back, I keep my eyes out for that steward hoping that I would someday come across him again. He was by far the best Steward with the greatest head of hair. My imagination has allowed me to play with this Stewards hair many times over. He has been shampooed, styled, head massaged, brushed, comb and anything else that I could think of.

Oh how it would be nice if my fantasy became a reality.
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Joe, I completely understand. I have had a hair fetish for as long as I can remember. Yes, it must be slicked and gloriously shining on top of a man's head. There were so many actors from the '30s through the '50s who lived in my fantasies, especially Cary Grant and Clint Walker. However, I've found many men who fir the bill. In a couple of cases, I've been able to discretely touch and even sniff their hair. It's intoxicating! So thank you for your story and know that you are definitely not alone.

I really enjoyed your story! I have the same fetish and something similar happened to me once on a flight;) and many other places in fact...

I would love to here your stories.

I'll definitely try and write some of the stories down;)
Meanwhile... I'd LOVE to read more stories/experiences like this... such a turn on!

What type of hair style do you like best?

oh God, same style as you I recon, big quiff, lots of volume, medium to long length, it is so damn attractive and fortunately that's the style on male models these days, I love it!

Ah yes, I am with you. I go nuts when a guys hair is thick and long on top, so long that when some strands from the front fall forward, the hair reaches his chin. The type of hair that surprises you because with the hair all groomed it looks short but then when they runt theirs or my fingers thru it, you are happily surprised at how long it really is. Oh yes, that my type!

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Is it just that style...or men's hair in general u luv

Men's hair in general. More specifically a full head of healthy long hair. Short hair on men does not do it for me.

I certainly have that :)

Yes you do and then some! it is beautiful. I envy anyone that has the opportuntiy to enjoy your hair.