I Love To Play With My Wife's Hair

My first attraction to my wife was her beautiful long brown hair...it is SUPER silky and SUPER soft, shiny and healthy. I get a feeling of butterflies in my stomach and a feeling of ecstasy when I play with her hair.
I have had the pleasure of several memorable experiences with her hair. before we were married she asked me to cut her hair, and I had the pleasure of cutting her long hair into a very layered cut, and 2 weeks later cut her length right off to a bob right to her hairline at the back. I loved the feel of her hair in my fingers...so soft, and the sound and the sight of the scissors chopping off her healthy gorgeous hair. I kept a ponytail of it to play with too, that was fantastic.
She has grown her hair long for me because she knows I love her hair, as a gift to me!! Wow!! Her hair is longer than she's ever had it and it is still being grown longer! She keeps it perfectly healthy for me too!
When we go to bed she faces away from me and we cuddle, "spooning" and when she gets in bed she takes the elastic out of her hair and lets down this enticing shiny long hair, and my heart goes boom boom boom! she flings her long mane toward me and it spreads over her pillow. I begin running my fingers through it from her bangs all the way to th back of her head and through the length of it. It feels incredible as my fingers slide through it...I have a feeling of ecstacy and I become erect instantly, it is such a turn-on!!! I am saying "wow, so gorgeous, her hair is incredible..I can't believe its all mine!! Ahhhhh so soft, so silky...." I press my naked body up to hers so that my p***s is up against her. I take her long silken hair in my hands and feel the softness, the silkiness. I twist it and let it swing, then I caress my face and lips with it, smelling its sweet smell, feeling how incredilby soft and sensual it is. What an awesome pleasure it is, I can't describe how I feel when I am enjoying my long mane my wife keeps for me!!! I have taken a large lock and sucked on it and enjoyed its fine silky feeing on my tongue before. I love to feel it as I put it over my face, and tuck it behind my ear as if it was mine. I love to put my hand in the bottom of her nape and run my fingers up from the bottom, wow that is some thick silky hair, just gorgeous!! So satisfying. Sometimes I just have to get off with her hair after she falls asleep because I am so turned on.
I have wrapped her hair around my p***s and felt the heaven that is my wife's hair there as well, OMG!
I love to braid it and play with her ponytail when she is at computer desk too, so much fun!
I can't wait to see how long she will grow it!
I think I am the luckiest hair lover on earth. I could play with her hair for ever.
I think most people must be blind to how wonderful a beautiful head of hair is...so captivating, feels so good, looks so sexy and alluring, an incredible pleasure!
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8 Responses Sep 8, 2011

Couldn't agree with you more brother, my wife is keeping her hair long for me too, bless her heart. When I met her it was short chin length and she loved it short and always wore it short. I told her of my love for long hair and how georgeous I thought it was and she said "I'll never cut my hair for you," it's long enough that she can sit on it now, woo hoo! It's been trimmed a few times once by a stylist who must have been jealous and cut waaaay too much so now I'm the only one that trims it. Dude I could never do what you did and cut it that short, that would just be agony for me, it would be horrible, it would turn my stomache, OMG I just couldn't do it.
There are so many women that would never keep it long for their man, they would just say something smart *** and keep cutting it short, sure glad god found me a good one. I think it helps too that I help her comb and dry it. It truly is the most beautiful part of a women, I'm a hair man not a body man, if she gains a little weight so what, as long as the hair is not cut.

That is a wonderful story. Your wife knows if she cuts her hair the relationship will end, right? Have you kept her hair in short layers on top. That is what I do with my wife. She knows if she grows out her layers I would leave her for anothers hair.

wow I think this is my old gf writing about me haha

My fiancee luvs her hair long too - she had a bad experience at the "hairmessers" abt 4 yrs ago - they just cant follow instructions .....its not rocket science ......a trim turned in2 6 inches off - now she wont go back .....ever - i do the trimming wen its needed ......she trusts me - in return she lets me do as i plz with her hair - i wash it .....i dry it .....i put it up (she prefers it that way....mind u so do i) - many a time we have been watchin a movie & i get bored with it ......she will notice that & offer to sit on the floor between my legs with her bun real close to my penis inviting me............well u can guess the rest - best thing abt it...............she loves it as much as i do ............it dont get better than that

HELLO! love to *** in their hair, best condintioner in the world!

Heyy ur so lucky !! I am a long haired girl too and luv it wen my bf plays wid my long hair !!!

u seem to be real lover of ur wife's hair..LUCKY guy i must say cause its nt very easy to hv such a lady in life! i hv this ******* fetish bt i hv no such woman in my life still nw..my fiance's hair isnt much long n of coz i want her to grow her hair long..bt i hv no idea hw should i tell her or hw wud she react neway im happy for u man that u hv made it

I would imagine that your wifes hair has grown out pretty well since her bad haircut in Sept. 2011. I too love my ladys long hair! it is so silky and shiney! I love playing with it all the time. Her hair is light brown wtih golden highlights down to her waist. Have a great hair day! Paul.

thnx buddy im gonna do it for sure! specialy ur story hv inspired me alot..who in the earth doesnt want to be lucky lyk u? lol :) it wud be nice to hv a frnd lyk u my id is luverboy666@gmail.com..mail me if u lyk to! till then enjoy the heavenly lock of silk!^_^

If you don't mind my asking, did you ever ask your fiancée to grow her hair long for you, and did she?

WOW.....you sound like my long lost brother with how you describe your love for woman's hair. It sounds exactly like me and my fetish. I was the same way about my fetish until I found the internet and others out there who enjoyed hair like i do. it was so great to see i wasn't the only one. Your wife's hair sounds soooo incredible and it is so awesome that she lets you enjoy all of that beautiful long hair. I always find it amazing how burying my hands in my wife's hair makes me feel, feeling all that silkiness and just enjoying it. My wife doesn't have very long hair and it is not very thick, but it is so soft and silky, I love it. It's funny because she knows about my fetish and also let me cut her hair on a few occasions and i also saved the hair to play with afterwards. Sometimes when she gets into bed and her hair is all clean and silky, she will lay it across the pillow and there is no way i can ignore that. I have to bury my hands, face and whatever else i can into that beautiful hair. I couldn't agree more how pleasurable a head of hair is. Would like to hear more stories about the fun you have with your wife's hair.

I was re-reading this comment and noticed how you mentioned your wife's mother's hair and how it was still smooth and silky. Just curious, have you had the chance to feel your wife's mother's hair? Sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner. I would have definitely suggested cutting off her ponytail and saving it for yourself. That would be a wonderful treasure to keep. It is interesting how her hair started to fall in tendrils as it got longer. What is the latest update on your wife's hair?