Sneaking Hair Feels In Public

I love to sneak feel girls hair.

on the metro bus, in elevators, in public like when large crowds are gathered for festivals, parades, concerts, movie theaters, ride on roller coasters where long hair can brush against my arms and hands.(a few time they hay really long hair and I got some in my face, the smelling was awesome),
I would go to the post office on the busiest lays and wait till a long haired girl got in line so I could sneak feels.
ItgoChucky ItgoChucky
51-55, M
1 Response May 6, 2012

Wow. it sure sounds like you have a hair fetish. I have to admit I have take the opportunity to do similar things when the opportunity arose. Similar to you where I would be at a concert and it's crowded and there is a beautiful head of hair in front of you. I would try to brush up against, which usually wasn't hard in concerts, and feel their hair. Been lucky a couple of times on very crowded buses to be right behind a beautiful head of hair and admire it. I am always afraid to sneak a feel because I do not want to offend them, so most of the time i would just admire it, maybe get to smell some beautiful hair, and if lucky enough brush up against it feel how soft it is. would be interested in hearing more about your experiences.