I'd Like To Play With Your Hair

I'd love for a girl with long, silky hair to sit with her head between my legs. I'd brush her hair all the way down her nape with long, slow strokes. I'd then bury all my fingers into her hair and gently massage her head all over in small circular motions. While my fingers are in her hair, I'd run them through, taking out any tangles from her shiny locks...twirling them and gently pulling. I'd pull all her hair into a ponytail and tease myself with it brushing the ends against my skin..
zoinker zoinker
26-30, M
3 Responses Sep 18, 2012

There is nothing like having my wife sit in front of my and her hair hanging there for me to play with. I definitely forget about what is on tv and just play, play and play. Love playing with her hair. I am curious, i noticed your awesome profile pic. Is that a pic you took cutting someone's hair? when you play with women's hair do you also fantasize about cutting it? I definitely do.

My lady frequently sits with her head between my legs while weer watching tv - if the programme is crap i have something to play with - mind u - i tend not to notice the tv when she sits there !!

I do that too my wife. She loves when I pull it and it helps her ***. I enjoy it too. I think about how short I would like to cut her hair.