My Girlfriend Had The Most Silky Black Hair!

She always used to keep the length just about touching her shoulders, but my girlfriend's black hair had the most silky and shining texture I had ever seen! And she had such full volume that digging my fingers through it used to feel heavenly. Sometimes she used to joke that had it not been for her beautiful hair, I wouldn't have fallen in love with her! (which, of course wasn't true).

We had such a sweet relationship that just because I liked her hair so much, she used to take extra care to ensure that it was always soft, silky and shining. Whenever we used to be alone, she would give me complete freedom to play with her hair the way I wanted and for as long as I wanted...stroking it, ruffling it, burying my face into it! Because she had short length and because it was so silky, a layer of her front hair used to slide down on to her face all the time when she was talking. I would then put my two fingers through that layer of hair on her face and throw it back on her head with a bit of a flick...but it would again fall down on her face after some time. That silky layer of hair falling on her face and covering her eye as she talked looked so prey that I could keep watching it forever. Everytime I would run my fingers through it, I used to examine its lovely texture...each and every stand of her hair used to look so pretty that I kept running my fingers through it over and over again.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Wow....that is awesome. Your girlfriend's hair sounds amazing and it is so great that she lets you play with it like that when you are alone. Nothing like burying your hands inside thick silky beautiful hair like that. I can just imagine the shine of it. I know I would be very distracted if I saw hair like that. I would definitely want to know what it feels like. I am curious, have you ever washed her hair? Wonder how great that felt to hold all that lathered hair.