One Hell Of A Weekend

This one happened to me some time ago and i have now decided to share it. By the end, you'll see why it is titled as such.

I woke up in my college dorm to the sound of frantic knocking. My roommate must have stayed with his girlfriend as he was not in the room. I opened the door and standing before me was a group of six girls, all with knee length or longer hair. the one who was knocking said, "we want you to play with our hair and boobs and then cut our hair as short as you like."
Just messing with you. Come on, that doesn't really happen. Here's the real one.

I woke up in my dorm to my alarm. as previously stated, my roommate was sleeping with his girl. as i got dressed, i felt like this would be a good day. then i realized why; i had no classes. now i was going to head home for the weekend, but since i was in no rush to get there, i decided i would occupy myself around town till i needed to leave. i looked at the bulletin board out in the dorm hall which listed some on-campus events. i noticed some comedian would be preforming in an hour, so i would start with that.
I headed over to a close-by coffee shop to get coffee and a sandwich. as i was eating my delightful sandwich, a girl walked in. i was about to remove my glace from her to my sandwich when, sure enough, a tail caught my eye. it was a nice little light blonde tail that reached her waist, or there about. i also overheard her on the phone saying that she would meet whomever she was talking to at the comedy event. guess i know who i may try and sit behind. she ordered a drink and headed out, to which i threw my stuff out and followed her.

when we got to the site of the event, the ballroom, she gathered up with a few other girls. to my dismay, the were only meeting at the event, not going to it. i was a little down, but headed in anyway. it is a comedy show. if anything else, i can enjoy some good jokes. i found an open area where i could do a little checking on seeing if anyone interesting, a friend or a tail, would show up. i wasn't even there for a minute when the latter showed up. The girl was pretty, cute face and eyes, but the tail made me forget about those. it was a dirty blonde color that reached, my guess, and inch or so below her butt. and man was it thick looking. and even better, she was wearing it open. now to try and get in position. luckily for me, she was going by herself as no group was attached to her. she found a seat away from the crowd and in the back. basically, the majority of the people were about 2 rows ahead of her. a few stranglers were scattered on the opposite end of the room and she sat 3 rows from the farthest back row. perfect. i reached the seat directly behind her. the girl never looked in my direction while i was entering, so i don't know if she even knows I'm here. her hair was being blocked from access by the chair back, so i would wait till i got a shot with it, if one ever came up. the show started and still no luck. 30 minutes in, still nothing. but when the clock struck 40 minutes in, it all changed. as far as i knew, she was still unaware of my presence behind her and this farther proves it, to me at least. i noticed she was moving, so i watched. she moved so she was sitting forward in the chair, gathered all off her hair in a hand-held bun, moved back to her previous position and let go of the hair. now the hair covered the back of the chair. and that hair was something. as my eye had detected, the hair was thick, like a blanket of soft, silky goodness. i decided to be a little more aggressive in how quickly i progress through the hair play. normally, I'll start sort of slow with little light play and work my way up till i should stop; whether i do the stopping or she makes me stop. i started by lightly stroking the hair with the backs of my fingers. basically, I'll start by placing the back of my hand lightly on the hair maybe a few inches up and stroke down, making my way up till i feel i have reached a limit. then I'll get a small bit more risky if no problems have occurred. i now lightly "grab" a lock in the middle of the hair and do the same stroking method. by "grab", i simply mean having a very light hold on the lock between my thumb and my other fingers together, but open. i do this in the hopes that if the girl moves her hair, she may not feel an unnecessary pull, which of course, grabs her attention. now, as i continue this new stroke, if things are going well, i may add another lock into my hold, thus playing with a little more hair each time i add a new one. now, i have never managed to do this with a ton of the hair simply because something else normally comes up and keeps me from continuing. it may be the event ends and everyone leaves or i may have to leave, or maybe she does some motion with her body and causes me to lose access to so much hair. anyway, back to the action. while i was doing my grab stroke, i decided to do it with both my hands. basically, both my hands do the same motion, but on opposite ends of the hair. it was while doing this, that my luck ran out. the show ended. i left that show pleased with my results. i of course wished for more time, but i was satisfied with what i got in.

There was still a lot of time left till i needed to be home, so i needed a new event. i remembered a friend of had a volleyball game going on, so i decided to head in that direction. while i was walking there, i came near one of the bus stops around campus. it was here that i remembered that the game wasn't till tomorrow. so new plan, go on one of the buses headed to the city, which was about 45 minutes to 1 hour away. a bus heading there pulled up a minute later and i entered through the entrance closer to the rear of the bus. i swiped my id so i wouldn't have to pay the money i had on hand. i saw a girl with her black hair open sitting in a window seat facing the front with the row behind her open. i decided to sit behind her as i saw no better option. it would happen to be a great choice. while i was sitting down, i noticed that she was reading a book and appeared to be well into it. it looked like she would still have enough to last the ride, but what do i know about that. for the most part, her hair was blocked by the accursed chair back, but all was not lost. the was a small gap between where the chair ended and the bus wall began; just big enough to be able to have some access to hair. she was sitting up, so no access yet, but i was still hopeful. the bus started on it's long journey to the city. and sure enough, 3 minutes or so go by and she did one of the things i was hoping she would do. she slightly turned her back towards the corner and and with one hand, sort of readjusts her hair. that was when the hair appeared in that gap. there wasn't a ton there but enough for me to enjoy for quite some time. as for the length, it was probably close to butt length, but she couldn't sit on it, unless she tilted her head way back. her, i decided to change my usual routine, just to shake it up a bit. i checked the bus to see if anyone was behind me. only some guy who was clearly not going to see anything was at the far back and opposite corner of the bus. so, i went to work. i started by putting my hand right by the end of her hair and started to try and get the hair available to be concentrated in a small spot, not just sort of spread over the space. her hair wasn't nearly as thick as the previous girl, but it was silkier. after a few minutes of collecting the hair in one spot, i got a light hold on the silk and started to lift it so i could start moving my hand up it. to my surprise, the girl collected her hair a swung it over her shoulder, so i had no access to it. looked i was caught in the act. or was i? she got out a brush from a bag i hadn't seen earlier and started to brush it. maybe she only did that to brush it and not because i was caught. either way, i perked up a little. after a few minutes, she put the brush away, pushed her hair back over her shoulder, and continued her reading while leaning in her corner. now, a lot of the hair was in that gap. guess it worked it's self out. i once again gathered all the available hair in my hand and began lifting it to prepare for stroking. this time, i got to it. i moved my hand up as far as her shoulder blades, i think. next, i moved my hand about halfway up the hair, "grabbed" it between two fingers, and twirled around with the free part. i decided for the heck of it, to smell it. smelled nice, but obviously not as good as playing. i just kept stroking and twirling for the remainder of the ride. when the ride started coming to a close, i decided to do one of my riskiest moves of the day. i had a small pair of scissors in my pocket. i slowly lifted one very small lock of her hair till that lock stood on the top of her head. made sure she hadn't noticed anything yet and snipped it off for playing with later. i got off the bus and she left without the slightest of a clue as that what happened.

Now i was in the city and needed to think about how to make the time pass. at that moment i received a text. it was from a friend and he was selling tickets to the basketball game here. he would give me one for free. i decided to go do it. i got the ticket and headed over to the arena. i got in and thought about how i was going to do this. i could either just head to my seat and watch game or i could search for a new tail and hope to get a seat behind her. i decided on the latter. i was spying out from one of the standing tables when i was approached by a woman with a few kids. she asked me if i knew where her seats were and i pointed her in the right direction. the was nothing of not about her but while talking to her, i had noticed someone coming out of the girl's bathroom. i scanned the area and found her again. she would be wonderful. she had beautiful golden blonde hair that reached her butt and it looked thick and silky. the only possible problem was that she looked like she may be a little young for me to target. she looked to be like 16 or 17 years old, not some little kid. i decided to risk it only if the situation was perfect. in other words, alone and away from a crowd. she started off and i followed, part of me hoping to find someone more suitable. she actually went up to one of the upper decks where very few people were around. as i had hoped, she was alone. for now at least. she sat herself down in the middle of the row a couple of rows away from the far back. i decided to be a little "stealthy". really it was just more conservative. instead of sitting directly behind her, i decided to sit one row farther back. when i sat down, her hair was blocked by the back of the seat and maybe even herself. when the game began, nobody else had joined her or even come into our section. a little bit into the game, she moved her hair to being over her shoulder. a little while later, she still hadn't done anything else, aside from text or some other similar activity. i decided try a more direct and appropriate approach to achieving my goal. i was going to talk to her and see if i could get my chance to at least touch it, if nothing else. i left my seat and moved down to her's. when i reached her, i decided to start by saying a compliment
"i apologize if you have noticed me starring at you, but you very pretty and i thought id just say that."
she blushed a little, thanked me for it, and offered for me to sit next to her. we talked for a little bit. luckily for me she turned out to be 18. soon after, i returned to her looks. "again, I'm sorry to bring it up again, but you are very, very pretty. and that hair is stunning." as i was saying, i decided to take a risk. i reached out and slowly grabbed the end of her hair. my it was wonderful. soft and silky, along with being very thick, even at the end. she thanked me again, blushing again and said that she gets that a lot. i asked her if i could play with it. she seemed a little nervous when she said sure, so i told her i wouldn't damage it in any way. she still agreed. so, i moved to the seat behind her and began my work. i first let all the silk just sit in my lap. i then held her hair in a fist at the nape and used my other hand to run it through the many feet of silky greatness. i did a little braiding, but mostly stroking. she seemed to be enjoying it. if course, i took the opportunity to cut a small lock of it at full length for my keeping. sadly, i had to leave as my parents were expecting me for dinner. so i said my good bye, got her name for Facebook, and went on my marry way. i hoped on the bus back to campus. nobody was there, so no event on the bus. i got to my car and drove to my house, thinking my magnificent day was over. but it was not.

i pulled up to my house and noticed that there was an extra car in the driveway. i knew who's it was, but couldn't believe it. i walked into the house and was greeted by my parents. my mom told me to go into our family room and sure enough, my suspicion was correct. it was my aunt and my three cousins. my uncle had divorced them many years ago.

now let's get the picture here. it's my aunt with the cousin and the younger twins, all girls. the twins, Sara and Emily, are identical, including hair. they both have butt length light brown hair, and it's sort of thick. my other cousin, Michelle, is a little different than Sara and Emily. Michelle has a few inches below butt length dark brown-black hair. it seemed to be a mix between the two. i guess it's blackish with natural brown highlights. anyway, it's always well kept and also pretty thick. My aunt is, of course, the most impressive. she had kept her black hair at knee length, but decided to grow it out a little as now it was almost to the floor. just like her daughters, it was well kept, but her's was the thickest of them all. and probably the silkiest.

they were going to be eating dinner with us and the evening, but not over night. so, we all ate dinner, laughing and talking about life and memories. after dinner, i went to the basement with my cousins to watch TV till the evening went out. while down there, my luck continued. in the basement, there was two single person chairs and a loveseat. the twins sat in the two chairs, while Michelle sat kind of close to me on the loveseat. this will matter soon. We were watching a show and, of course, a girl with about butt length hair shows up on it. this sparks a conversation by the twins, Sarah and Emily. it turns into an argument over who's hair was prettier. they decide to turn to me to be the judge. i was about to decline comment when Michelle spoke for me. She said "Let's make it a competition to see who of the three of us is prettier. not just by hair, but by everything." they agreed, so i decided to not disappoint them.

we decided to score it by awarding a point system in many categories. The competition started with at the head: prettiest eyes, prettiest smile, overall face. then on to the body: prettiest skin, best body shape, best breasts, best legs, best overall body. Then it was hair. it was all by observation, except for the hair. for the hair, i met with each one of them individually. i would look at the hair color, measure the length, see it's thickness and silkiness. i would do other various "tests" which was just playing with it. You know, the usual stroking, brushing, etc. you can improvise. in the end, Michelle won, but i told the twins that Sarah won over Emily, since it was their argument in the first place. I decided i would head off to my room to play some guitar while the girls told everyone the news.

While in my room, Michelle entered and closed the door behind her. She complimented me on my guitar playing and i thanked her. She sat down next to me and said, "You know what i would do if you weren't my cousin?" of course, i asked what. She said "this". she leaned over, put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. a long kiss. with tongue. as awkward as it was, i kissed her back and sort of ran my hand through her silky hair. I feel weird admitting it, but it was one of the best kisses i have ever had. when that finished i said, "you know what i would do if you weren't my cousin?" she asked what and said, "This" i started tickling her stomach, getting her to laugh and roll onto my bed. after that, i played a little guitar for her. then my aunt came in and told Michelle that it was almost time to go. she said bye, kissed me on the check, and left. My aunt said that i was welcome to come join her and the girls at their place to stay for the weekend. i decided, what the hell, and went. I followed them in my car for the drive to their place. when we got there, i made myself comfy on the sofa. just as everyone else was going to bed, Michelle gave me a good night kiss on the check and left me to my sleep.

The next morning, i awoke to eggs and bacon being cooked by my aunt. she said good morning and offered that i sit at the table for it was almost done. she mentioned that it was sweet to do the contest with her daughters. i told her that they probably won't have taken no for an answer. she laughed and agreed. she then asked if i would do the hair check on her. i was kind of hesitant to say yes, but she told me to think about it, so that i did. Michelle came down said good morning, cutie-pie to me and squeezed my check a little. That was followed by Emily and Sarah saying good morning as well. that day we were headed to the water park which was an hour away. So, after breakfast, we gathered our things and headed out. if you were wondering, yes i did have a bathing suit. The water park was fun. we went on some of those play scape things and the slides. Michelle always sat in my lap if there was a dual slide and we were all going. i raced the twins a few times. at some nice healthy corn dogs and salty pretzels. we got back and showered off. i went last for obvious reasons (girls first). when i got out, i heard some arguments happening, so i went to see what all the ruckus was about. apparently my uncle, their ex-husband and father, was coming to eat dinner and spend the night. . . with his new wife. talk about awkward. anyway, i decided to head over to the couch and watch some TV. Sarah came over and slouched in the chair next to me, visibly upset. I, being a good cousin, muted the TV and asked her if she wanted to talk about it. here is what she had to say, "i hate my step-mother. she's a b!tch. she keeps telling me and Emily to get different hair cuts so someone can tell us apart and she tells Michelle to cut her hair so she looks more mature and not like a little kid. and she's a hypocrite because she has the longest hair of all of us. if you think my mom's is long, wait till you see her's."

none the less, my uncle and his wife, my step-aunt, showed up for dinner. my step-aunt's black hair was up today, so i couldn't see the truth behind's Sarah's words, but the bun was pretty huge. sure enough, as the evening went on, she made comments about Michelle, Sarah, and Emily. mostly about their hair and how it should be shorter or different. or it was about their behavior, which made no sense because they were behaving quite well. it was even worse when my uncle didn't even stand up for his daughters. i could sense he wanted to, but he just didn't.

that night, after a nice little movie marathon with the girls, i prepared to head in for the night. after washing up in the bathroom, i noticed that the kitchen light was still on. i walked in to turn it off and there she was. my step-aunt was standing in the kitchen in her night gown, i presume. her hair looked to be a little more of a deep, dark brown than a black, but man was Sarah right. standing up it ran down her back, past her knees and beyond the floor, forming a solid looking pile. it was like looking at a dream, only it was real. she was brushing it out in front of a mirror she must have brought with her. she noticed me and i apologized and was about to leave when she said, "wait, can you help me?" i agreed. she said, "Can you help me brush out my hair? it's getting a little bit tiring." i grabbed the brush and she pulled out a chair and stood on it. even on that chair there was still a few inches on the ground. so, i began to brush it. and oh my god was it amazing. it was probably the softest hair i had felt to that day and it was thicker than any hair i had seen or felt. i brushed it out for what seemed like a lovely eternity. afterwards, she thanked me and, after putting it in a bun, headed off to bed. as with the previous night, Michelle came and gave me a good night kiss.

Sunday was relatively uneventful. as i was heading back to my dorm i was think, that was one hell of a weekend.

A note to my readers, how ever few of you there are, most of my stories are just that, stories. this one, though, is not. i can assure you of that. this happened a while ago, but i had written it down after that weekend and came across it and decided to post it here. i would also like to apologize if any of you thought the scenes with my cousin may have been a bit much. i know other people have different feelings about that sort of thing.
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Haha that sounds ridiculously amazing! Is it possoble for one lucky guy to be around THAT much hair!? If that was a true story, you got about more long-hair action in a weekend than i have my whole 27 year life! What happened to your aunts hair by the way..? Didnt you "judge" it? Did you pass the chance?? You should have gotten some more action from Micheles hair aswell..

well, i did "judge" it, but just not that weekend. it happened later. working on how to write it right now and i'll post it when it's ready. i probably would have done more with Michelle but our time alone was short lived. as for the hair action, it's obviously all about luck. i havn't had that many more experiences other than this one. my others are all posted except for the aunt one.