Hey, I'm New Here

Hey everyone, I'm 24, ans I've been playing the card game sence 2000. I've seen the game through every change, and more to come.
mjbrill mjbrill
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1 Response Feb 19, 2011

I started playing it shortly in about year 2001, which was about the time it came out in England and the United States. I had to be about still 20 and in art college at the time.I started collecting them shortly afterwards. It was fun but a bit of money out of my pocket.Up to then i had not heard the game existed. It has really lasted quite a while.,I have many of the original cards such as Monster Reborn,Celtic Guardian,Harpies Feather Duster,Curse of Dragon,Harpies Pet Dragon, and Black Skull Dragon.I have been looking for people to play against but the small town where i live does not have too many young people who are into the game. I often practice by playing the game on my brother's old Nintendo Game Cube machine which he left behind for me to use before going off to med school.