This is a little story about me and my daddy. ♥
I wake up in the morning in your arms. Still pretty sore and tired out from the night before's activities. You're naked of course while you sleep while you have me in a diaper and that's it. Your arms are wrapped around me protectively while I stir around trying to get comfortable and accidently wake you while doing so.
Immediately your hands go down to my diaper clad bottom feeling me completely. You asked me if I was a good girl and went inside my diaper last night, I tell you of course daddy. You tell me good before lifting me up off you so you can sit up. You untie the chain keeping me to the bed. You notice it's really tight. You ask me if I tried to go to the bathroom last night instead of using my diaper. I tell you no looking down. You ask me again and tell me if I lie I'm in big trouble. I look at you and tell you yes I tried but I couldn't because of the chain so I tried pulling and it wouldn't come off. You tell me to get up and that we are gonna go take a bath and talk about this later. You lift me up and carry me to the bathroom you set me down on the toilet. You get out a bunch of supplies I know fairly well....
Enema. I get up and try to go for the door you grab me and throw me over your lap, you tell me I do what daddy says when daddy says so and begin spanking me. Realizing my diaper was taking all the blows you quick take it off, grab the belt hanging on the door and begin whipping me administering a good hard bare bottom spanking i start to cry fairly soon considering I was already sore from another beating. I tell you I am so so sorry and I will do as daddy says. You stop rubbing my bottom and tell me to stand up and wait for you to finish making my enema. You kiss me and stand me up making sure I'm okay. Finally you sit back down and tell me to get back over your lap, I get over while you tell me that I am your little girl. And that I have been VERY bad. I am supposed to do as you say and go inside my diaper and not try and get up. That's a very bad girl. You tell me to suck in the nozzle and spit to lube it up before spreading my redden cheeks to slide it inside me. I wiggle a little uncomfortable as you smack my *** hard and tell me to stop it. You lift me up a little so my butt is sticking up in the air more and you place a hand on my tummy which is being filled. I feel your **** start to press into my side knowing you enjoy showing your little girl whos in charge (; I start complaining about me being full, you know I've only been filled a little over halfway so you tell me that you are gonna try to make me *** while I hold my enema.
You let your fingers wander down to my soaking wet *****. You stroke it gently and it makes me moan quietly. I wiggle around wanting your fingers to dip inside me. You quickly deliver me another sharp smack. You tell me the daddy will play as much as he wants. And that I am to wait. You tell me to spread my legs wider but do not leak. I feel a tiny cramp start to develop in my stomach.
you take your fingers back to my *****, you feel how wet I am, you rub my **** before slowly sliding in a finger. You tell me I'm so tight and so hot and wet. Slowly moving your fingers in and out massaging my aching *****. I begin moaning louder now loving the touch of your hands on and in my body. I start to beg now. Daddy pleaseee give me more. You push in another finger. I give a very loud moan in response felling you get harder poking into my side
juliamarie444 juliamarie444
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2014