Plush Women

I love a woman with curves, and no bones sticking out. I guess by "plush" I may be describing a BBW. But I don't require her to have big boobs and a narrow waist like many many men claim is the best part of a BBW. I just love how a plush woman feels, and what's more, she can take a spanking or flogging like a champ. Biting is a completely wonderful experience with a woman with bigger-than-mouthful morsels available. I love squeezing and sucking her, such beautiful textures to play with! In short, she's a feast!
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46-50, F
10 Responses Jul 18, 2010

oldboxy, it's nice to appreciate what you have before you, and maybe the bbw is just as appreciative, too!

There is something extra comfortable about BBWs. They are really good sports about everything, usually have a beautiful smile. And in general they are sexy as all get out.

crazywaterspring -- exactly! luxurious, rich, fulfilling, satisfying ... a plus woman should be plus in all aspects of herself. the ones who are plus only in their bodies are disappointing, often ... don't you think?

bbwluvr, one of my exes was remarking he'd love to **** a bbw, "all that flesh!" ... he was quite gleeful!

The more flesh the merrier! lol

Very true!

bitvdeeuk, it also makes them sound so cute, like a cuddly toy!

Plush! What a wonderful way of putting it!

inter, i like myself fine, lol. i don't quite understand your question, however -- can you elucidate?

kakdrukker, good thing you married her. imagine if others had access to her? ;)

Oh yes I agree, I'm married to a 125 kg 44DD BBW woman, I love her big bum, large pendulaous boobs and round soft tummy. Mmmmm I'm getting hard typing this.