I Love Them

I usually notice chubby or older men first in line to claim their love of chubby women. I, however, am decently young and fit but prefer chubby, curvy women. The picture for this group got my attention because that's the kind of figure I'm drawn to. I do still feel attraction for thin women as long as they haven't lost their curves, but when my body craves unprotected sex my thoughts turn invariably to a full figure. Must be my instincts directing me toward all those baby-brain-building omega-3 fat stores in their hips.
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Where do men like you hide?! Lol maybe I'm far too plump!

Well I'm a twig. Short and bony. XD

Men like you need to wear signs on their heads with flashing lights saying PICK ME IM AWESOME! Because I am rather curvy and feel very unliked by the men around me.

Don't. There are a ridiculous amount of men, and it's a growing population, that love BBW

I appreciate that.

I completely agree. I love fit men as well, as long a they're not too muscular... (If your arms are so big you can't give hugs then that sucks)

Most men I find attractive though are more drawn to thinner women and you can't tell at all that they are into you unless they are very blunt about their intentions. I'm the kind of girl that is turned off by someone that is too forward initially, so it's SO HARD. >.<