I Love Plushies!

I love soft, roundish and huggable things and when you add my love for sewing, what do you get? Plushies!

I like to collect them and make them. I love to hug them and play with them. I have a very big collection of frog plushies. I also have two Pokémon plushies, a poliwhirl I name Polari and an Oddish I made myself named Sipuli, plus many miscallenous plushies I have been given by my family and friends.

It's just a little embarassing. I'm 19 years old, so people often think I'm childish and immature.
HoofFoot HoofFoot
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4 Responses Aug 17, 2007

Hi every one.
I also love plushies. It's why, I've been created a travel agency dedicated to plushies.
I propose 3 tours in Paris, especially for plushies.
It's so cute to see little teddy bears in front of the Eiffel Tower.
or, tou can join us on FacebooK

Eeek sorry, short term memory. <br />
Check out www.manikako.com<br />
We make dolls!

Oh! Share some pics of the plushies you've made!

Nooooo! I'm 23 and I still love plushies. My mom loves plushies as long as they're Garfield. And my bosses! We all have plushies on our desks! <br />
No one's too old for plushies ^_^ Everyone needs something soft.